Jimmy Goldstein Net Worth 2022: Is He The Best NBA Games Fan?

American real estate entrepreneur and ardent NBA supporter Jimmy Goldstein. Jimmy Goldstein amassed wealth through California real estate, especially mobile home parks. He rose to fame for frequently showing up to NBA games dressed outrageously and colorfully. The Sheats-Goldstein Residence, which has been featured in several movies, TV series, and photo shoots, is another notable property that he owns. The house has gained notoriety, especially for its use in “The Big Lebowski.”

Early Life

On January 5, 1940, James F. Goldstein was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Zahn’s was a department store in Racine that belonged to his father. He studied at Stanford University before earning his MBA at UCLA.

Earlier Career

In 1964, the year Jimmy received his UCLA diploma, he started working for Rammco Investment Corporation. In the late 1960s, Ramco amassed wealth by purchasing inexpensive farmland outside of Los Angeles and turning it into neighborhoods. Finding acquisition targets in Riverside and San Bernardino was Jimmy’s responsibility.

Mobile Homes

Jimmy gained exposure to the surprisingly wealthy world of mobile home park ownership through this profession. Jimmy established his own real estate investment business at the beginning of the 1980s and began buying properties. He apparently still owns at least a dozen mobile home parks, which serve as his main source of income, in both Northern and Southern California. For instance, in 2007 he paid $23 million for a mobile home park in Carson, California, using $18 million in financing.

Jimmy’s managerial style at some of these mobile home communities has generated controversy. Jimmy has continually battled to increase the rent at his homes even though mobile home parks are normally rent-controlled. He has been successful in suing many cities that tried to stop him from raising the rent. Using legislation from 1893 that permits landowners to partition their lands into distinct cities, he has also caused difficulty. Jimmy has been able to use this tactic to compel his renters to either buy their properties from him or leave, at which time he is free to increase rent.

In various interviews, Jimmy has made the unverified claim that he sold the ground beneath what later developed into the lavish Century City mall. The words “Fashion, Architecture, Basketball” are on Jimmy’s business card. Also, read about Kate Upton

NBA Games Fan

The reason Goldstein is most well-known is probably that he frequently attends NBA games and is a fixture in the front rows wearing obscenely flashy attire. He usually makes it to more than 100 games a season, both in his own California and around the nation. He frequently stands on the sidelines dressed outrageously.

Jimmy Goldstein
Jimmy Goldstein

According to reports, Jimmy spends more than $500000 per year on sports tickets and travel expenses. He has floor seats with season tickets to LA Lakers and LA Clippers games.

Sheats Goldstein Residence

Jimmy is also well-known for having a lavish home in the Hollywood Hills. The “Sheats Goldstein Residence” is the home, which was created by renowned architect John Lautner.

It was constructed in 1963. Jimmy paid $185,001 for it in 1972. That is equivalent to $1 million in today’s money. Goldstein contacted Lautner to assist him in bringing the property back to its former splendor because the previous owners did not maintain it. He gradually also purchased adjacent lots to build a four-acre private rainforest in the heart of exclusive Beverly Hills. Also, read about Andy Dick

The Big Lebowski and Charlie’s Angels are two movies and television shows in which the mansion appeared. An “infinity tennis court” is located on a nearby lot with views of the Los Angeles skyline. “Club James,” an underground nightclub, is located directly below the tennis court. Numerous famous people have been guests at the club. Mick Jagger, Leonardo DiCaprio, and other celebrities attended Rihanna’s birthday celebration there on her 27th birthday.

Jimmy Goldstein Net Worth

Jimmy Goldstein Net Worth is estimated to be around $350 Million in 2022. His property would probably be worth more than $100 million if it were ever sold on the open market. Jimmy will be gifting the mansion to the LACMA Museum following his passing, so if you were considering buying someday, you’re out of luck. So at least you’ll be able to take a tour eventually!

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