Lori Vallow’s Son JJ Grisly Cause Of Death Revealed

Joshua “J.J.” Vallow, who was seven years old at the time of his death, and Tylee Ryan, who was sixteen years old at the time of her death, both of their skeletal remains were discovered about three years ago. JJ Grisly Cause Of Death has now been determined. To find out the exact JJ Grisly Cause Of Death, continue reading the next paragraph.

JJ Grisly Cause Of Death: How Did The Son Of Lori Vallow Die?

According to East Idaho News, KTVB reporter Alexandra Duggan, and Fox 10, forensic pathologist Dr. Garth Warren disclosed during testimony at Lori’s trial on Wednesday that J.J. was asphyxiated with a plastic bag and duct tape over his lips. Two days after the kids’ bodies were discovered buried on Chad Daybell’s Idaho farm, J.J.’s autopsy was performed.

According to KTVB, Warren claimed to have discovered bruises on J.J.’s wrist and ankle where he had been restrained by duct tape, as well as scratch marks on J.J.’s neck.

How Did The Son Of Lori Vallow Die?

Was JJ attempting to remove the sack from his head? Warren reportedly said, “It might be scratch scars from him trying to remove it off his head.

According to East Idaho News, KTVB, and CBS2 Boise reporter Angela Kerndl, Tylee’s cause of death was unknown.

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Due to Tylee’s incomplete remains, according to Warren, the autopsy took a number of days.

He declared, “This autopsy was different,” according to East Idaho News. “When I conduct an autopsy, I typically receive the complete body, and there is a procedure we follow. Tylee’s situation was unique. Three separate sealed bags containing her remains were delivered.

According to the outlet, Warren claimed that they searched her remains for bullet and knife pieces to ascertain the cause of death, but they were unable to discover anything. The cause of death, according to him, was “homicide by unspecified means.”

In relation to the deaths of J.J. and Tylee, Lori is accused of murder. She is also accused of plotting to kill first-degree murderer Tammy Daybell, the first wife of her fifth husband Chad.

Tammy’s cause of death was likewise asphyxiation, Fremont County Prosecuting Attorney Lindsey Blake disclosed during opening statements. Although he will be tried separately, Chad is also accused of contributing to the deaths of Tylee, J.J., and Tammy.

Ray Hermosillo, a Rexburg, Idaho, police investigator who testified earlier in the weeks-long trial, gave graphic details about how J.J.’s remains were discovered on June 9, 2020, roughly nine months after the kids went missing.

Hermosillo stated when he was on the stand, “I noticed a tiny boy in red pajamas. “A white plastic bag was wrapped around his head. numerous layers of duct tape covering his forehead and chin. He had many layers of duct tape on his arm. He had his arms crossed over his chest. Additionally shackled and duct taped were his feet.

Hermosillo added that he was covered with a white and blue child’s blanket. He had black Skechers socks on his feet. The bag covering J.J.’s head was cut open during the autopsy by the coroner.

Hermosillo stated, “There was another layer of duct tape across his mouth from jaw line to jaw line underneath that white plastic bag.”

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