Jocelyn Flores Death: How Her Boyfriend Died After Her?

Jocelyn Flores Death: How Her Boyfriend Died After Her? Jocelyn Flores is one of 17 hits on American rapper XXXTentacion’s self-titled first album. Yet, the name of a young woman named Jocelyn Amparo Flores inspired this title, and the tale behind it is tragic. Before a catastrophic turn of events, this Bronx-born teen’s life was like any other.

If you knew the truth about Jocelyn Flores, what would you say? What exactly transpired that resulted in her untimely demise, and what repercussions did it have?

The events leading up to her death in 2017 have been the subject of much speculation and unexpected turns, all of which will be addressed below.

Jocelyn Flores was as real as it gets, and now there’s even a song about her. On July 2, 2000, she entered the world into a close-knit Christian family in the Bronx. Her father, Benji Flores, was a barber, and she was brought up in the same city where he worked.

At the age of four, Jocelyn lost her father to a persistent disease that the family could not afford to treat, and the trauma she experienced soon after put her in danger. To add insult to injury, she had to tell her family that one of her parents had assaulted her.

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Jocelyn Flores stated that her head was rocked and that the evidence was the obsession she had formed to kill her own life, despite the attempts of specialists to assist her to accept these occurrences in her life.

Still, she grew up to be a beautiful teen, and on Twitter, she caught the eye of the famous rapper XXXTentacion. Only a few days before she died, X quickly started talking to her and invited her to Florida.

The trip was okay with her mother after she talked to the rapper. Jocelyn’s mother had hoped that a vacation would help the 16-year-old girl with head problems deal with her issues.

When she got there, he told her she could be a model for his new clothing line, Revenge, even though she didn’t know anything about modelling and hadn’t done it before.

Jocelyn Flores Boyfriend
Jocelyn Flores Boyfriend

While she was with X in Florida, he had another guest named Zoe. There was growing tension between the two girls, which worsened when the rapper discovered that the $7,000 had gone missing while he was at his cousin’s prom.

After the two girls got into a fight because they thought the other had stolen the money, X cancelled the modelling job he had offered them in Flores and kicked them out of his hotel suite because he didn’t want them to kick each other there.

After X kicked her out, Jocelyn Flores went to Hampton Inn with two rapper team people. After helping her unpack, they went out to get food. When one returned, he thought the girl was in the bathroom because the light was on and the door was closed.

He went back and came back a while later, a little high. He saw the bathroom light turn on, but since he was high on grass, he went to sleep and didn’t wake up until 7 a.m. the following day, when he saw that the door was closed from the inside and the light was still on.

He called for help at that time. On May 14, 2017, a hotel worker broke into the bathroom and found the dead body of Jocelyn Flores, a beautiful teenager.

Even though the details of her death are unclear, she quickly thought she had killed herself. For most of her life, the beauty of the Bronx has been struggling with depression. In particular, she had tried to kill herself before.

The first time this happened, she was only 12 years old. After that, she went to the hospital four times because she did scary and dangerous things like taking pills, cutting her wrists, and even drinking bleach. She sometimes tried all three simultaneously, but nothing worked until she was sixteen.

XXXTentacion wrote the song “Jocelyn Flores” for her. He was killed just one year after her death. On June 18, 2018, a thief shot and killed him. He was 20 years old.

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