Jodie Foster Net Worth: How Much Jodie Foster Make per Movie?

Jodie Foster, the actor, director, and producer, began her career in the arts. After finishing her education at Yale, she gave the entertainment industry a go, and her efforts were rewarded with several prizes.

The Accused, Silence of the Lambs, Nell, Little Man Tate, Home for the Holidays, The Beaver, and Money Monster are some of the movies that made her a household name.

Jodie Foster Net Worth

Jodie Foster Net Worth

Jodie Foster has a $100 million net worth as an actress, director, and producer. Jodie Foster is a part of a very select group of performers. “Child Stars Who Actually Grew Up To Be Healthy Adults” is the name given to this select group of successful entertainers who were formerly considered children.

She was a child star who made it through childhood and adolescence unscathed, earned her degree from Yale, and is now a critically acclaimed actor and director.

Jodie Foster Salary Per Movie

Movie Year Earnings
“Maverick” 1994 $5 million
“Nell” 1994 $9.5 million
“Contact” 1997 $9 million
“Anna and the King” 1999 $15 million
“Panic Room” 2002 $12 million
“Flightplan” 2005 $13 million
“The Brave One” 2007 $15 million
Total Earnings Over $100 million

Jodie Foster Real Estate

In 2012 Jodie paid $11.75 million to purchase a huge property in Beverly Hills. In March of this year (2019), she put the home on the market for $16 million. She formerly occupied a $6 million mansion located nearby. Jodie’s house sold for $14.9 million in April of this year.

In 2005 Jodie spent $2.25 million for a property in Calabasas, California. It’s thought that Jodie’s mother stayed at this residence until her dying in 2019. Until May 2020, you may buy this house from Jodie for $2.85 million.

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