Johnny Weir Net Worth: He Opens Up About His Sexuality

If you’re looking for information about Johnny Weir net worth, you’ve come to the right spot. Johnny Weir, a retired American figure skater and sportscaster, is a well-known athlete.

His career achievements include winning three US Figure Skating Championship titles and a bronze medal at the World Figure Skating Championships. After giving up competitive figure skating in 2013, Weir began working for NBC as a regular figure skating analyst alongside Tara Lipinski and Terry Gannon.

Weir is recognised for his bright appearance both on and off the rink. During the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Johnny’s flamboyant outfit caused quite a stir and was seen as a “middle finger” to Vladimir Putin’s anti-homosexual campaign.

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Johnny Weir Net Worth

As of this writing, Johnny Weir Net Worth is $4 million. Weir came out as homosexual in 2011 in response to news stories about an increase in gay teen suicides around the country. He hasn’t formally taken home an Olympic medal, but he is still a highly well-liked figure skater.

He did win the bronze at the 2008 World Figure Skating Championship. In the Grand Prix Finals, he also twice took home the bronze medal. He won the world junior title in 2001. He won the US national championship three times in a row between 2004 and 2006. Read on to learn more about his early life.

Childhood And Education Of Johnny Weir

On July 2, 1984, in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, Patti and John Weir Sr., who both worked at nuclear power plants, welcomed Johnny Weir into the world. His sibling is Brian, his younger brother. Weir was raised in central Pennsylvania, which is primarily an Amish area of the state.

He won a number of riding competitions as a young boy, showcasing his prowess with horses. He and his family moved to New Britain, Connecticut, so that he could improve his training.

Weir began figure skating when he was 12 years old, which led to the family moving once more, this time to Newark, Delaware. Weir attended Newark High School in that city. After receiving his degree in 2002, he enrolled in the University of Delaware, although he never completed his studies there.

Beginning of Johnny Weir’s Career

During his first season of competitive figure skating in 1997, Johnny Weir competed in both singles and pair skating events. Together with Jodi Rudden, he won the South Atlantic Regionals, earning a spot in the Junior Olympics. Weir later won more novice single skating competitions at the regional level. In the 1998-1999 season, he advanced to the junior division.

The Junior Eastern Sectionals were then won by Weir in 1999 and 2000. He took home the gold at the 2001 World Junior Championships.

Johnny Weir US Nationals Titles

Weir had his best season to date in 2004, taking home his first national title at the US Figure Skating Championships. As a result, he became the most recent male skater since Todd Eldredge did it in 2004 to win the title at the age of 19.

Johnny Weir US Nationals Titles
Johnny Weir US Nationals Titles

Weir then competed for the first time in the World Figure Skating Championships, placing fifth. In 2005, when he won the NHK Trophy and the Trophee Bompard, he won his maiden Grand Prix. Weir was successful in retaining his US Nationals title as well. When he won his third straight championship in 2006, he made history by becoming the first male skater since Brian Boitano over 20 years earlier to do so.

Johnny Weir’s Winter Olympic Figure Skating

Weir competed in his first Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy, in 2006. After the short programme, he was the final male American skater still in the running for a medal, finishing sixth. Weir participated in his second Olympics in 2010 and finished sixth in Vancouver, Canada.

Johnny Weir Sexuality and Fashion Sense

Weir published his autobiography, “Welcome to My World,” in 2011 and revealed that he is gay. That June, he served as grand marshal of the Los Angeles Pride Parade. In the first three months of 2012, Weir married his boyfriend, Victor Voronov. The couple ultimately split in 2015.

Weir’s sexuality and his skating, wearing, and speaking identities have always been intricately intertwined. Judges, spectators, and the US Figure Skating governing body raised an eyebrow at his showy wardrobe and numerous outbursts throughout his skating career. Others, on the other hand, praised him for his spectacular theatrics and flamboyant behaviour as signs of his unique personality.

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