Jonathan Scott Dating: Is He In Relationship With Zooey Deschanel?

Jonathan Scott and Zooey Deschanel met at the right time in their lives, and their quick romance surprised many people.

The star of Property Brothers and a former cast member of New Girl met for the first time in September 2019 while filming for Carpool Karaoke. They hit it off almost right away. Us Weekly confirmed the news soon after Deschanel split up with Jacob Pechenik, her husband of four years. The two people who broke up have a daughter and a son together.

Who Is Jonathan Scott?

Canadian Jonathan Silver Scott is a real estate agent, a magician, a producer, and a reality TV star. He first became well-known as one of the hosts of the HGTV show “Property Brothers.” Today, he and his twin brother Drew Scott run a media and home goods empire through their company, Scott Brothers Global, which is said to make more than $500 million per year. Drew wanted to be an actor at first, and Jonathan wanted to be a magician.

Jonathan Silver Scott was born on April 28, 1978, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His twin brother Drew Scott is four minutes younger than him. James is the name of the twins’ older brother. They are Jim and Joanne Scott’s children. During the 1970s, Jim Scott worked in the movie business as a stuntman, an actor, and an assistant director. When the twins were born, the family decided to move to Canada to make a more normal life for themselves.

Jonathan started acting in plays when he was in elementary school. Later, he became one of the youngest international illusionists in the world. He also worked as a model and did martial arts in addition to being a performer. He has won 13 Canadian Karate championships.

With help from their older brother and father, they started flipping houses when they were in high school (who built the family home by hand). They were able to get started in part because of a legal loophole in Canada that let people with bad credit and little money take over someone else’s mortgage without having to personally guarantee the loan. People say that after their first flip, they made $50,000 and became hooked. Also, read about Miranda Lambert Dating

Who Is Zooey Deschanel?

Zooey Deschanel is an American actress, model, singer, songwriter, and musician with a net worth of $25 million. She is best known for her roles in comedies like “Failure to Launch” (2006) and “500 Days of Summer” (2009), as well as her lead role on the Fox sitcom “New Girl.”

Claire Deschanel was born in Los Angeles, Calif., on January 17, 1980. Her mother, Mary Jo Deschanel (née Weir), was an actress, and her father, Caleb Deschanel, is a well-known cinematographer and director. Emily Deschanel, an actress who is best known for starring in the Fox show “Bones,” is her older sister. When Zooey Deschanel was growing up, her family lived in Los Angeles, but they also traveled a lot because of her father’s job.

He was a film director, and he often had to shoot movies in different places. She went to a private prep school in Santa Monica called Crossroads, where future stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Kate Hudson were also students. She went to Northwestern University in Chicago to finish her education, but she dropped out after only nine months to focus on acting full-time.

Deschanel’s first movie role was in the 1999 comedy “Mumford,” which was written and directed by Lawrence Kasdan. Then, in 2000, she was in “Almost Famous,” which won the Golden Globe for Best Musical or Comedy Film. She had a lot to do in 2002. She was in four full-length movies, including “Big Trouble,” “The New Guy,” “The Good Girl,” and “Abandon.”

She got her first leading role in “All the Real Girls,” an independent drama that came out in 2003 and was a hit at the Sundance Film Festival. She also starred with Will Ferrell in the 2003 Christmas comedy “Elf.” It was a huge success and made US$220.4 million around the world for just US$33 million.

Jonathan Scott Dating

After a scary double date with Drew Scott and his wife, Linda Phan, in October 2019, Scott and the 500 Days of Summer actress made their relationship official on Instagram. After Jonathan and his new girlfriend went to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, they posted a picture of themselves holding hands.

Jonathan Scott And Zooey

A source told at the time that when the two first met, they had “instant chemistry” and became close because they both liked “music, film, theater, and Christmas carols.” Their shared interests and sense of humor made it easy for them to start texting and calling each other. From there, their relationship grew. Read About Taylor Swift Dating History

Since then, their love has only grown stronger, and they’ve reached a number of important relationship milestones together. The HGTV star and the She & Him singer spent their first Thanksgiving together not long after they went public as a couple on the red carpet. A month later, they were together when “a truly happy New Year” started.

“Once in a lifetime, you meet someone who changes everything,” Jonathan wrote as the caption for a sweet selfie to start off 2020.

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