Judge Judy Death: Truth About Judge Judy Death, Is She Really Dead?

There was a widespread internet rumour circulating that Judge Judy, Judy Sheindlin, has been found dead. There has been an attempt to add a phoney death date to the 76-year-Wikipedia old’s page, albeit it is unclear where this hoax originated. Here we will try to find out how the news got circulated.

Who Is Judge Judy?

Judith Susan Sheindlin, born October 21, 1942, is a former judge of the Manhattan Family Court, an American prosecutor, a TV host, a TV producer, and an author. Since September 1996, Sheindlin has presided over her own popular court show, Judge Judy, which is based on arbitration and has won four Daytime Emmy Awards.

Judge Judy

Judge Judy Death: Was It A Rumor?

Many people seem to take great pleasure in spreading rumours about famous celebrities at the moment. There isn’t much of a difference between reading about a celebrity online and in a tabloid magazine. When debating topics online, you have no way of knowing what is true and what is not.
Someone recently felt it would be funny to spread a fabricated account of her death throughout the web. And yes, she’s still with us. Even though everyone knew it was a fake, someone still went to the trouble of making up a detailed story of her death and posting it online.

They even went so far as to try to edit her personal Wikipedia page to add a death date. Basically, this is what made folks realize that something wasn’t right.

It’s become increasingly common because of how simple it is to pull off these days. With the ability to instantly reach thousands of people through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, it’s simple to distribute false information without checking the facts. That’s precisely what transpired here. Sure enough, that’s what ended up happening. Making websites or writing articles about something that doesn’t exist is one thing, but posting it on social media and hoping it gets viral is a whole different thing.

Truth Behind The News

Fans should breathe easy, though, because it appears that stories of Judy Sheindlin’s death were untrue.

She will turn 80 next month and looked great on today’s edition of the Ellen Show. Judy has been hosting for over 20 years and has no plans to stop.

She questioned what you would do in retirement on a daily basis. You can’t just up and leave, and this job is like an anchor because it offers you stability and direction. Now in its 23rd season, Judge Judy has been on television for longer than any other judge in the country. She is contracted through the show’s 25th season.

How The Rumor Got Started?

So, what started all the talk that Judge Judy Death news is true? One possible explanation is that after Season 25, the ‘Judge Judy’ show will be canceled. Judy broke the news to Ellen that the CBS staple was ended. She was reported as remarking to The Hollywood Reporter, “I’ve had a 25-year marriage with CBS [Television Distribution], and it’s been successful. We’ll be celebrating our silver anniversary next year, our 25th season, so CBS probably thought, and I suppose they wanted to maximize the use of repetitions of my program, next year.

But Judy won’t just disappear into the night. A new series titled “Judy Justice” is set to film her. The premiere is scheduled for 2021. When the story broke, Judy still hadn’t decided which network would air her new show. It’s possible that when ‘Judge Judy’ was canceled on CBS, some viewers assumed that Judy had passed dead. Yes, Judy is still alive, but in April 2020, she will mourn the loss of a dear coworker.

Judge Judy’s Announcer Passed Away

The 84-year-old Jerry Bishop, who had been the show’s announcer since its 1996 debut, has recently passed away. As a result of heart failure, he passed away. The news of his passing was announced by Judy in a statement: “Jerry Bishop has been the voice of our program for 24 years. He was well-liked by all. His kind nature and generous nature were priceless assets. I loved and respected him so much.

Many people believed the veteran performer had died in the past. It’s been two years since reports of Judge Judy’s death first surfaced. Although the origins of the hoax are unknown, it came to light when people noticed that Judy’s death date had been changed on Wikipedia to match that in the fake report. A tweet from back then demonstrates the widespread acceptance of the news at the time.

So now you know that it was just a rumor. Judge Judy is still with us. People should refrain from spreading such rumors. It is a sensitive issue, so one should never do these kinds of things.

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