Julia and Silvio Divorce: Does the Pair Intend to Split?

Julia and Silvio Divorce: When Julia Haart, who was born in Russia but raised in an extremely traditional Jewish community in Monsey, New York, decided to start a new life for herself, she had no idea that the road ahead would be so winding and full of unexpected challenges. After all, in the past ten years, she has transitioned from being a housewife with four children to a successful entrepreneur in the fashion industry, and from being the proud co-owner and CEO of Elite World Group to being an unemployed singleton.

Despite this, the most recent developments in this ongoing saga have occurred as a result of the reality star’s divorce from her second husband, Silvio Scaglia; therefore, let’s find out more information regarding the same, shall we?

Julia and Silvio Divorce

On Netflix’s “My Unorthodox Life” season 2, Julia admitted she divorced her Italian rich husband after 2 1/2 years, even though they loved one other. Silvio criticized her throughout their relationship, and she prioritized her children, which he didn’t appreciate. In early 2022, the former Elite World Group executive chose her kids over her husband.

The former couple/co-owners of the prestigious modeling agency originally did not share assets to avoid legal issues, according to the reality series. Silvio then hired a divorce counsel and shocked his estranged wife by sacking her as CEO and restricting her credit cards, shutting her out of their bank accounts. Julia filed for divorce within hours to freeze their marital assets as they had no prenup.

When the Fastweb founder tried to visit Julia’s married apartment, “Brazen” obtained a restraining order. “Scared for my safety and the security of my children, some of whom dwell with me,” Julia said in the plea. Respondent is becoming aggressive, angry, and unstable.” She also said Silvio had threatened the housekeeping staff, warning he would “clean out” the residence.

Julia’s complaint states, “Recently, Respondent became increasingly dictatorial and verbally and emotionally abusive against me. He called me a “poisonous serpent,” “monster,” and “liar” in front of my children. Respondent’s favorite insult is “go f–k yourself.”

In January 2022, I confronted Respondent about his abusive behavior and informed him that if anybody heard how he acts and speaks to me, they would believe he is a nasty person. Respondent replied, ‘If you ever go to the press about how I treat you or the kids, I will murder you.’ “I’ll murder you publicly,” he said. Disgrace you.”

Julia’s petition also detailed Silvio’s connection with her children: “Recently, on January 23, 2022, Respondent stormed into the bathroom while I was bathing, purple in the face, and screamed, ‘I loathe your children and I detest this house’…” “I hate Shabbos and don’t want it in my house.” If her kids or friends came home, “all hell would break free,” she added.

Julia and Silvio Divorce
Julia’s daughter Miriam Haart saw her mother “sobbing hysterically” in the bathroom while Silvio yelled at her. “I pondered calling the police,” the child wrote. I worried he wounded her. I raced in and discovered my mother nude, coiled, and crying on the toilet floor.”

Julia and Silvio’s divorce is pending due to their lengthy legal fights in New York and Delaware (Elite Group’s registration state). The former enjoys complete penthouse access, while the latter’s counsel called the charges “baseless personal slander”.

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Who is Julia Haart?

American fashion designer, businesswoman, and author Julia Haart were born on April 11, 1971. Elite Model Management’s ex-CEO. A Delaware court found Julia Haart does not hold 50% of Elite World Group, despite her claims. She formerly had an eponymous shoe business and was creative director at the Italian luxury label, La Perla. Haart is also the subject and executive producer of the Netflix miniseries My Unorthodox Life, which documented her choice, in 2013, to leave her Haredi community.

Moscow-born Haart. At 3, her parents emigrated to Austin, Texas from Russia. In Austin, she attended private school, and was the school’s sole Jewish student. They relocated to Monsey, New York, with a big Haredi population when Haart was in fourth grade.

Haart attended Bais Yaakov Academy in Brooklyn, New York. She learned to sew at 16 and studied fashion publications at home. “To attract a mate,” she changed her initial name to “the more Hebrew-sounding Talia” aged 18. She married her first spouse, a yeshiva student five years older, at 19.

Who is Silvio Scaglia?

Scaglia is the creator of Fastweb, an Italian firm that deals in the field of telecommunications. Additionally, he is a co-founder of Freedom Holding, which is a holding company that owns Elite World Group and was originally known as Pacific Global Management Group. In the year 2020, he established SHS management, an asset management organization that was powered by AI.

On October 14, 1958, Scaglia was born in the city of Lucerne, which is located in Switzerland. He attended classes at the Polytechnic University of Turin, from where he received a degree of cumulative honors in electrical engineering in 1983 after completing his studies there.

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