Justin Long And Kate Bosworth Divorce! What You Need To Know!

Justin Long And Kate Bosworth Divorce! What You Need To Know! Both of us were surprised and grieved by Kate Bosworth’s announcement of her divorce from Michael Polish in August 2021. Actor Justin Long, who has declared he is dating “the one,” has been proven to be romantically linked to Blue Crush’s star.

During an interview with Nick Viall on the podcast The Viall Files, the Herbie Fully Loaded star didn’t mention Bosworth by name, but the two were rumored to be dating when they were caught riding in a car together and holding hands.

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“At that point in my life, I had reached a point where I was OK with who I was. In the latest episode, which aired on Monday, Long said, “I didn’t know it at the time, but I was ready for the one.” “And that one, I got to know. I discovered”

He went on to say, “I want to [speak about it], but at the same time, I want to be protective.” I feel the need to shout it from the rooftops, yet at the same time, I feel the need to guard. It’s a holy thing.”

It is believed that the two have been dating for approximately four months at this point. In December, on an edition of his own podcast with the same name, Life is Short with Justin Long, Long revealed that he had a girlfriend, but he was cagey about the specifics of their relationship. While filming production in Arkansas in 2021, the two worked closely together for a significant portion of that year. Oh, and Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde both had success with it!

On August 6, 2021, Bosworth made the public announcement that she had parted ways with Polish in an amicable manner.

In a lengthy message on Instagram, the actress wrote the following: “Together, over the course of the past ten years, Michael and I have chosen love, every time.” “On our wedding day, we intertwined our fingers as securely as we do now as we held one other’s hands. Now that we have gained some courage, our eyes are able to look more deeply and honestly into one another. During the process of letting go, we have realized that our love will last forever; this has been a profound realization for both of us.

Before Justin Long, There Was A Divorce And A Cryptic Announcement

After a decade of marriage, Kate Bosworth and her husband Michael Polish split things in 2021 with a breakup caption that resembled an incomprehensible puzzle.

Bosworth launched the statement with a quote: “It’s a beautiful thing when two people are only millimeters away from kissing.”

Are you up for splitting a burger with me? Yes.

Why don’t you have one? Definitely.

As of 2011 – Big Sur

She goes on to tell the story of how they fell in love, saying:

“The beginning of a relationship is frequently the best part. The allure of fireworks, magnets, and revolt. The beginning signifies a vast span of opportunity. When you’re in love, you can eat a burger with someone and know that this will be your final meal. Pour me a cascade of whiskey if you buy a bottle. Despite only meeting a few minutes earlier, you feel like you’ve been friends with this person for years.”

So, When Did Justin Meet Kate?

Based on some Internet research, it appears that Justin Long and Kate Bosworth professionally crossed paths during an unknown filming production in early 2021. (Yes, just a few months before Bosworth’s divorce announcement.)

Bosworth wrote a gushy message thanking Long for his steadfast support during the shoot, saying: “You are a truly spectacular/fun/hilarious/kind/rare/thoughtful / totally. fckn. rad human being.” She closed the caption with, “You gnome, how much I adore you” and a yellow heart emoji.

So, When Did Justin Meet Kate
So, When Did Justin Meet Kate

Kate Bosworth And Justin Long Are Making A Big Splash In The Entertainment Industry

Justin Long and Kate Bosworth’s romance has officially been ‘hard launched’ on Instagram, despite their intention to keep their relationship private.

A casual selfie of the two of them drinking Guinness in Ireland was the first post by Long. Bosworth was the first to comment on the picture, writing, “I’m the luckiest. ” and announcing their relationship status right away.

This week, it was Kate Bosworth’s turn.

By posting a series of romantic images to mark Long’s 44th birthday, Bosworth made sure to include a few kissing shots as well.

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