Kate Spade Death: Why Had She Addressed A Suicide Note To Her Daughter? 

According to Kate Spade’s sister, who is also a well-known fashion designer, Kate Spade may have committed herself due to her struggles with mental illness. On Tuesday, the body of Spade was discovered in her New York residence. Her older sister, Reta Saffo, expressed her belief that Spade suffered from bipolar disorder in an email she sent out. She wrote, “In the end, it was too much for her to bear. A life that was so vibrant and full of joy was cut short in a manner that was both terrible and upsetting.” In addition to that, she stated that she “tried many times to get her assistance.” What’s The Reason of Kate Spade Death?

According to the authorities, a cleaner discovered Spade’s body in her bedroom, where she was dangling from a crimson scarf tied to a doorknob. Andy, her husband, was at home when the incident occurred. Jericka Duncan of CBS News writes that the designer left a note for her daughter, who was 13 at the time, informing her that it was not her fault that her mother had committed herself.

Her family issued a statement in which they expressed their devastation, saying, “We will miss Kate dreadfully; we loved her very much.”

Dermot Shea, the Chief of Detectives for the New York City Police Department, stated that “the contents of that message as well as the physical state of the flat and the words of the witness add to the plausibility that it is an apparent suicide.”

The basic yet whimsical style of the now 55-year-old woman helped propel her to the forefront of the fashion business in the 1990s. She and her husband Andy developed a fashion empire around her distinctive handbags, and some of their customers include celebrities like the actress Ellie Kemper.

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“She presents something of a model to aspire to, and when I hear it, all I can think is, “Oh, I want to be like her!” I aspire to have the style of a New York lady while yet appearing put together. And then I’ll be able to!” Back in February of 2016, Kemper stated this about Spade.

Following the sale of her company in 2007, Kate Spade took some time away from the public eye; however, she has recently staged a comeback.

In April last year, Spade was quoted as saying, “I don’t know about Andy – took off a good nine years raising my daughter and cherished every moment of it.”

According to the police, she may have killed herself due to issues with her marriage and finances. The news of Kate Spade’s passing startled Fern Mallis, the founder of New York Fashion Week, who had known Spade for over three decades.

“She and Andy worked well together as a unit. I mean, the two of them together were so cute! “Mallis exclaimed. “And all I could say was “What?”… The one person on earth you would never suspect of ending their own life by taking their own life.”

Many of Kate Spade’s friends and notable clients post tributes to the fashion designer on social media. David Spade, her brother-in-law, tweeted a picture of her during his book signing along with the following message: “I just adore this picture of her. So lovely… People, this is a complex world we live in. Stay as steady as you can.”

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