Kathleen Lights Divorce: Has She Broke Up With Husband Daniel Fuentes?

Since KathleenLights entered the realm of YouTube in 2012, where she has been sharing her joyful experiences and prowess in the art of cosmetics application with the world, she has amassed a significant number of devoted followers. Fandom plays an important role in her life as a wife and mother to her children.

Being in the public eye regularly gives rise to a great number of rumors, one of which went like follows:

Kathleen Lights Divorce: Are The Rumors True?

As a natural byproduct of their reputation, rumors of divorce are frequently spread about the marriages of famous persons.

Consequently, the name of the beauty expert was unable to avoid being mentioned in such conversations either. Fortunately for her, though, she is now in a happily married relationship with her lover Daniel Fuentes, who later became her husband.

Kathleen Lights Divorce: Are The Rumors True?

Her current spouse, Daniel Fuentes, originally held the position of a soldier and did his tour of duty in Afghanistan. Because Kathleen Lights was friends with Daniel’s sister when she was a child, she had a good working knowledge of the person who would later become her spouse.

Following Daniel’s discharge from the army, they began a romantic relationship. It’s interesting to note that they went on their first date on Hard Rock, which took place close to a restaurant called Tattoo.

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The Controversy Of Marriage and Age Of Daniel Fuentes

The wedding of the influential person took place on the 22nd of January in 2010. However, her happy day was tainted by problems because there was a lot of resentment among her fan community; all of the commotion started due of the age gap in their marriage.

Many people pointed out to her that because her spouse is seven years older than her, she should have looked for someone who was closer to her age. However, in 2016, she revealed on Twitter that she did not care about any of the attacks that were leveled against her. Kathleen is a contentedly married woman, and she often features her husband in the videos that she creates.

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