Kayla Nicole Divorce: What Was The Reason Of Her Divorce With Travis Kelce?

People are curious to know about Kayla Nicole Divorce with husband Travis Kelce. The couple got separated after 5 years of being together. What causes for their split? We will tell about that in the next paragraph.

Kayla Nicole Divorce: Why Did She Separate From Travis Kelce?

Kayla Nicole probably wasn’t searching for money because the NFL player just gave her $100. An somebody close to Travis’ former fiancée Kayla claims that their union is over. And it’s permanent this time. And no, it’s not because Travis cheated.

According to Kayla’s friend, who has been with Travis for three years, Travis has been extremely frugal. She only received $100 from Travis, who has a four-year, $60 million deal with the company. Yes, one hundred dollars. You read that right.

Kayla Nicole Divorce: Why Did She Separate From Travis Kelce?

Kayla’s friend said that Travis is incredibly inexpensive. At first, he made an effort to get Kayla to “prove” that she wasn’t with him for the money. Thus, she was had to foot half the bill. The tipster said that half of every date, vacation, and other event.

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The pair broke up last year after charges of adultery. And Travis promised to change if Kayla welcomed him back. “Travis is still reasonably priced,” the friend said. He may not be cheating anymore, but he still may not be breaking bread as frequently as he ought to.

The friend claims that Kayla and Travis are no longer dating.

Kayla’s sister responded to Media Take Out’s inquiry on the possibility of Travis and Kayla ever getting back together: “If he stops being cheap and gives Kayla what she deserves, maybe.”

Do the math to determine how much Travis gave Kayla each month because they dated for five years and only shared a $100 income. Kayla received $3.7 per month from Travis Kelce. Kayla has previously complained that she didn’t get expensive presents.

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