Kevin Durant Net Worth: How Much Is He Earning From NBA?

American professional basketball player Kevin Durant is a well-known personality among basketball fans. So, how rich is Kevin? We will talk about that in the next paragraph.

Kevin Durant Net Worth

Kevin Durant Net Worth is $300 Million currently. Both on and off the court, Kevin is one of the highest-paid athletes. He ranks among the top five earners in the NBA with a $42 million paycheck. He can earn tens of millions of dollars more annually thanks to his numerous, fruitful endorsement contracts.

Kevin’s earnings from his numerous efforts totaled $65 million between June 2019 and June 2020. After playing for the Golden State Warriors for three seasons, Kevin signed a four-year, $164 million deal with the Brooklyn Nets in 2019. He has made more than 40 investments in early-stage technologies, making him an active tech investor.

Nike Agreement Of Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant received $26 Million from Nike deal for several years. His annual revenue from these two sources alone exceeded $68 million when paired with his $42 million NBA salary.

Kevin became the third NBA player to earn a lifetime contract with Nike in April 2023. LeBron James and Michael Jordan make up the other two players.

Nike Agreement Of Kevin Durant

Investments And Endorsements Of Kevin Durant

Kevin makes $36 million off the court from endorsement deals with businesses like Gatorade, Nike, Degree, and others. The average annual compensation for Durant is $30 million, and the remaining $35 million comes from sponsorship deals. Additionally, he has invested in a number of venture capital firms. He has small ownership interests in a variety of businesses, such as Postmates and the investment software Acorns.

Fox, ESPN, Apple, and Showtime all have production agreements with Kevin’s media company.

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Personal Life Of Kevin Durant

Little is known about Durant’s private life because the sports star keeps it mostly private. He was formerly engaged to former WNBA star Monica Wright until 2014 and is known to have dated Bay Area property agent Cassandra Anderson.

Real Estate Of Kevin Durant

Durant invested $12,05,000,000 in a beachfront residence in Malibu, California, in 2018. He put the house up for sale in May 2019 for $13.495 million.

Kevin sold the aforementioned house for $12.15 million in June 2019. Anthony Zuiker, the man behind the “CSI” television series, bought it.

Additionally, he has a number of properties close to Oklahoma City. He advertised his home in the affluent Club Villa neighborhood for $1.95 million in 2013.

Kevin spent $15.6 million on a house in Hidden Hills, California, in July 2021.

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