What is Kisha Chavis Husband Joe Smith Net Worth: What Happened to Joe Smith First Marriage?

Joe Smith, a former NBA journeyman, married Kisha Chavis. She’s not just accomplished professionally, but she’s married to a professional athlete.

Kisha Chavis is well-known for her acting roles in films and television series, but she has also dabbled in the music industry. Back in the early 2010s, she went to Europe and dropped a version of the smash hit “Tell it to my heart.” Her performance topped the German charts and gave her a ton of exposure.

After that, Chavis went on a European tour supporting several major performers. She has shared the stage with such notable acts as Dru Hill and Boyz 2 Men.

For some years now, Chavis and Joe Smith have been happily married.

Kisha Chavis Husband Joe Smith Net Worth

Joe Smith, a former NBA player from the United States, is now a millionaire. From 1995 to 2011, Joe Smith was an NBA player. In the 1995 NBA Draft, Smith was selected as the first overall choice by the Golden State Warriors.

After leaving the Warriors in 1998, he played for a total of a dozen other teams over the course of his career: the 76ers, the Timberwolves, the Pistons, the Bucks, the Nuggets, the Bulls, the Cavaliers, the Thunder, the Hawks, the Nets, the Lakers, and the Hawks again.

Joe Smith amassed a $61 million fortune during the course of his career. The 2005–06 season was his highest-paying year with the Bucks when he received $6.3 million. But now Joe Smith’s wealth dropped from $61 million to -$157,000

Kisha Chavis Joined OnlyFans Without Telling Joe Smith

Kisha Chavis Joined OnlyFans Without Telling Joe Smith

The fact that Kisha Chavis joined OnlyFans without telling her spouse didn’t bother her one bit. After learning about the website, former NBA player Joe Smith displayed signs of mental turmoil and disdain. He felt that, as her significant other, he was entitled to the same information.

Chavis, however, denied this, saying that she deliberately opted to publish online in order to supplement her income.

During his 16-year career, which spanned from 1995 to 2011, Smith played for a total of 12 different teams. Alex Rodriguez, an MLB icon, admitted in an interview that he had a hard time putting money aside. He said he was able to buy several properties since he was transferred so frequently. However, Smith was a horrible spender to begin with. Shortly after he retired, his wealth dropped from $61 million to -$157,000.

 “Joe, I’ve been trying to talk to you about mad things. I’ve been asking for f**king solutions to sh*t. You’re not giving me none, so I created one,” Kisha Chavis said in the video. The model from Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta said that the money she raised on her OnlyFans page went toward paying off part of her wedding costs. She also said she worked at other places, too. Chavis used to star in pornographic films, but she left the industry to pursue business instead.

What Happened to Joe Smith First Marriage?

Joe Smith has been linked to a few other women before he married Kisha Chavis in 2018. In addition to the little public knowledge, Smith has kept his personal life completely under wraps.

In fact, Chavis is technically his second wife after Yolanda Smith. The length of their relationship is unknown, however rumors have it that they were engaged for a long period.

Joe betrayed Yolanda by having an affair with another lady, Deanna Marie. She supposedly had a promising acting and modeling career more than a decade ago. Smith and her used to get out frequently, and he even took them to NBA games.

However, Smith, like many sportsmen, was faced with a plethora of possibilities. Deanna found him having an affair with another woman.

After learning the truth, Marie felt deceived and began planning her revenge on Smith. She made the decision to share social media with the world evidence of their time spent together.

This is when the world first learned of Smith’s deception. Smith divorced Yolanda in 2011, his final season in the league. They had a total of three kids together.

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