Lady Gaga’s Home Was Visited By Police After A Man Left Flowers In Her Driveway

Last week, a shocking incident led to the police being called to Lady Gaga’s Malibu property. According to Lieutenant Jack Jordan of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the incident took place on May 11 at around 7:42 p.m. local time.

“Deputies responded to the residence of Lady Gaga, regarding a trespassing call,” he informs EW. The security guard informed police that the suspect had slipped past security and left flowers on the driveway when they got in touch with the Lady Gaga’s security officer.

Deputies later “determined no crime had occurred,” according to Jordan, because the unnamed individual made no attempt to contact Gaga and was not detained.

The below tweet from Gaga Daily confimes the news.

Gaga’s spokesman declined to comment. The initial report of cops visiting Gaga’s home came via TMZ.

In 2021, Gaga, who recently finished filming for her next part as Harley Quinn in Joker: Folie à Deux, had to deal with another terrifying incident when her dog walker was shot during an attempt to rob her French bulldogs. In the end, one attacker received a 21-year prison term.

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“[She] is currently incredibly supportive of my journey. People find it difficult to comprehend why someone would approach healing in this manner.”

Ryan Fischer, Gaga’s dog walker, said in an interview with CBS This Morning that “there’s something about giving up your resources, giving up your stuff, and to contribute back to society. I grew up Catholic, in the Jesuit faith.”

Later, EW discovered that Gaga had paid his nearly $100,000 in medical bills. “I know a lot of people don’t get that, but she totally gets it,” I said.

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