Love Island Couples Still Together: Strong Couples Leave The Villa Together; Who’s Still Together?

When  lots of people have focus on love island couples still together and if they are then who are together, it will always bring joy to our hearts to be able to say that. After a tumultuous few weeks spent in the villa competing for the title of Love Island 2022 (series 8), the couple emerged victorious, and since returning home they appear to be more in love than they were before.

What is love Island?

The British dating game show Love Island. It’s a reboot of an old celebrity show that aired for two seasons in 2005 and 2006, hosted by Iain Stirling, and hosted by Caroline Flack until she was suspended in 2019. From 2020 to 2022, the show was hosted by Laura Whitmore. It’s the first of what would become a massively successful international franchise; twenty-two other Love Island shows have been made worldwide.

As of 2020, it was the most watched TV show among its target audience of 16-34 year olds, and it has had a significant cultural impact on the United Kingdom.

Four people with ties to the show have taken their own lives, attracting significant controversy. Contestants Sophie Gradon and Mike Thalassitis died by suicide after appearing on the programme; Gradon’s boyfriend died by suicide about 20 days after her death. Caroline Flack, the show’s original host, committed suicide the following year as well. There have been calls from some to cancel the programme

Loveiseland’s Format

The contestants of Love Island, known as the “Islanders,” spend their time locked away in a villa on the Spanish island of Mallorca while being closely monitored by cameras. Each Islander is required to form a partnership with another Islander for the duration of their time in the villa, and the winning couple will receive a total of £50,000. The Islanders form their first couples on the first day based on their initial impressions of one another, but throughout the series they are required to “re-couple,” at which point they may either stay with their current partner or choose a new one.

Single Islanders after the remarriage are considered expendable and will be sent packing. During the series, viewers cast votes for their favourite couple or potential couple via the Love Island app for smartphones, and the contestants with the fewest votes are eliminated from the island.

The least popular duos could be booted from the competition. There have been several twists where the Islanders themselves have had to vote one of their own off the island. In the final week, viewers cast their votes for the couple they think should win the competition and take home £50,000.

During the first season, eliminations and new Islanders entering the villa typically occurred on Thursday episodes presented live by Caroline Flack. The live episodes, however, were all but eliminated after the second season.

While in the villa, Islanders can only communicate with one another via text message, and they will receive texts updating them on the latest challenges, breakups, and reunions.  Contests of physical and mental prowess are frequently thrown at islanders and couples, with the winners receiving prizes for their efforts. Some of the Islanders are sent on dates away from the villa, while others can earn dates by competing in and completing challenges.

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Love Island Couples Still Together:  Ekin-Su Culculoglu and Davide Sanclimenti’s relationship?

When we tell people that Davide and Ekin-Su are still together, it will always bring joy to our hearts to be able to say that.

After a tumultuous few weeks spent in the villa competing for the title of Love Island 2022 (series 8), the couple emerged victorious, and since returning home they appear to be more in love than they were before.

love island couples still together

Davide was taken aback when Ekin-Su showed up unexpectedly just a few days later, and the two of them hit it off right away. During the course of Casa Amor, Ekin had her head turned on a couple of occasions, and Davide shared a passionate kiss with a bombshell. Despite this, they came to the realisation that they genuinely liked each other, and from that point on, they remained together.

Do Luca Bish and Gemma Owen still together?

After saying they were breaking up on November 16, Luca and Gemma are no longer together. Gemma wrote that they had broken up in a statement: “I wanted to let all of my followers know that Luca and I are no longer together.

“It wasn’t easy to decide, but this is what’s best for us both right now. Many of you have been with us since the beginning, and I want to thank you for sticking with us as we start new chapters.

Gemma and Luca have been together since the beginning of the show. Luca said he quickly fell in love with the dressage star.

They stuck together through the whole thing, even when one of them said the “L-bomb.” A few weeks later, Luca made things official between them by proposing to his girlfriend in a big way. He shared the intimate moment with his fans on Instagram.

In the video, Luca can be seen walking Gemma down a hallway lined with red roses, candles, balloons, and rose petals as he takes her to a pool with the words “Be my girlfriend” floating in air-filled letters.

He also gave Gemma a very expensive Cartier bracelet worth £7,000 as a way to seal the deal.

Is Indiyah Polack still wanna marry Dami Hope?

Dami and Indiyah are still together. They were one of the fans’ favourite couples on Love Island. After being friends while he was dating Amber Beckford and she was with Ikenna Ekwonna, they soon realised how well they got along when their partners broke up with them.

love island couples still together

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Dami got back together with Summer Botwe and Indiyah got back together with Deji Adeniyi after Casa Amor, but the Irish hunk finally remembered his motto: “All roads lead to Indiyah.”

Are Andrew Le Page and Tasha Ghouri live together?

Still together, Tasha and Andrew! Andrew plans to move back to England for good. Before he met his soulmate, he lived in Dubai, but the two are stronger than ever now. After Tasha went out with Billy Brown and Andrew slept with Coco Lodge, their relationship got off to a rough start. However, these short affairs only showed them how strong their connection was.

Is Adam Collard still dating Paige Thorne?

After videos showed him leaving McDonald’s with another girl, Adam was accused of cheating, sparking breakup rumors. He later kissed a brunette in Bali. Paige dated Jacques O’Neill for most of her time in the villa, but their relationship ended when he kissed Cheyanne Kerr. Jacques quit the show for his mental health.

Adam and Paige became official after meeting each other’s families after the villa.

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