Lynette Hardaway Cause of Death: How Did She Die?

Lynette Hardaway Cause of Death: As a result of the news that Lynette Hardaway, better known as “Diamond” of the conservative political team Diamond and Silk, passed away unexpectedly, the internet has been flooded with rumors and speculation about the particulars of her passing. Diamond and Silk were members of the Diamond and Silk political team.

Around Monday evening, the duo’s Twitter page disclosed that Hardaway had passed away, but they asked for privacy and did not provide any other specifics on the manner in which he had passed away. They also did not provide any other details on the manner in which he had passed away.

Lynette Hardaway Cause of Death

Hardaway, who was reportedly 51 years old, was purportedly diagnosed with COVID, but neither her family nor the group page has confirmed this information. It is believed that Hardaway passed unexpectedly from the condition. A good many of these claims may be traced back to a report that was published on the website Blavity, which can’t be accessed right now. This was brought to my attention in a tweet by Will Sommer, a reporter for the Daily Beast.

He wrote, “I’m seeing charges that Covid-19 vaccine skeptic Diamond of Diamond and Silk died from Covid and was hospitalized for it in November.” Diamond was a member of the band Diamond and Silk. The fact of the matter is that it is not yet known what led to her passing, and the rumors that she was diagnosed with covid in November emanated from a Blavity piece that now appears to have been taken down.

Trump took to social media to express his sadness about Hardaway’s passing on Truth Social, but he did not comment on the reason for his death. According to Trump, Silk was there the whole time and never left her side. “Never in all of history has there been a more talented TEAM!”

“Diamond’s death was wholly unexpected, probably because her massive, irreplaceable HEART simply gave out,” he came to the conclusion. “Diamond’s death was completely unexpected.” Diamond, you were truly magnificent; may you now rest in peace. You are going to be greatly missed. According to a number of users on social media who are pushing the claim that Hardaway passed dead from the sickness, it would be hilarious for an anti-vaxxer or someone who denies the existence of COVID to pass away from the condition.

Bishop Talbert Swan, a pastor, and activist asserted that Lynette Hardaway, also known as “Diamond,” from the MAGA Trump-supporting duet Diamond and Silk, had passed away after receiving COVID-19, which she had referred to as “a fake.” Bishop Talbert Swan claimed that Lynette Hardaway had died as a result of receiving COVID-19. The irony is not lost on anyone.

Diamond, one half of the right-wing, Trump-loving duo known as Diamond and Silk, has passed dead, according to a tweet from a professor at Temple University named Marc Lamont Hill. In late November, she was admitted to the hospital because she had COVID-19.

The two individuals were sacked from their positions at Fox News a few years ago for spreading incorrect information about COVID-19 and immunizations. You cannot put something like this into writing. According to a piece that was published in The Daily Beast a year ago, despite the fact that the official cause of death has not been confirmed, Hardaway refuted the notion that she was receiving treatment for COVID in a hospital.

She returned to her Fox program in December and called the rumor that she had been hospitalized with COVID “false news” when she discussed the incident. She said that she had been treated for COVID.

Who Was Lynette Hardaway?

Ineitha Lynnette Hardaway, Rochelle Richardson’s younger sister, was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, in 1971. Rochelle Richardson is Ineitha’s older sister. The older of the two Richardson sisters was Rochelle. Their parents were televangelist preachers who augmented their revenue by selling herbal concoctions, pillows, blessed dolls, and anti-witchcraft wreaths. In addition, their parents also blessed their children. Anti-witchcraft wreaths were another product that their parents marketed alongside the items listed above.

Who Was Lynette Hardaway
Who Was Lynette Hardaway

Lynnette (nicknamed “Diamond”) and Rochelle (nicknamed “Silk”) started a YouTube channel in the early 2010s that was pro-Black Lives Matter and opposed to police violence. They called their channel “Diamond and Silk.” However, by the 5th of July in 2015, they had shifted their views to those of the right and were against immigration without documentation.

She and her sister became an overnight sensation due to the YouTube videos that they posted, and they changed their party affiliation; at a Trump rally during the 2016 presidential election, Hardaway said, “we got off of that Democrat plantation, and we switched our party to Republican in order to vote for Donald J. Trump.”

After becoming an instant celebrity thanks to the videos that they posted on YouTube, she and her sister decided to switch their political membership. On their Facebook page, Diamond and Silk have garnered more than 1.8 million likes, and their YouTube channel has more than 267,000 followers. The vast majority of their backers are white women of a middle-aged or older demographic. They went on to become contributors for Fox News, but it was their assertion that Nancy Pelosi was a “non-functional alcoholic” that brought them to the attention of the public, even at Fox News.

Their assertion was supported by a video that had been altered to make it appear as though Pelosi was stumbling over her words while speaking slowly. Even within Fox News, this sparked debate and controversy. After spreading a number of speculations about the possible involvement of conspiracies around the coronavirus, including those that involved 5G towers, Fox has chosen to reveal the information in March 2020.

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