Are Brenda song and Macaulay Culkin Dating? How Many Kids Do Brenda and Macaulay Have?

It’s easy to forget that there are some celebrity marriages that have endured the test of time with all the news about Hollywood breakups.

Case in case – Brenda Song and Macaulay Culkin. The pair have been together for years and have managed to keep their relationship a secret.

They just had their second child (after keeping the pregnancy secret for months!). Brenda and Macaulay have been together for how long? To what extent is their relationship formalized?

The history of Brenda and Macaulay’s relationship is outlined here.

Brenda Song and Macaulay Culkin’s Relationship Timeline

The story begins in a film set in Thailand in 2017. The movie Changeland, written and directed by Seth Green, has already cast both Brenda and Macaulay. They had no idea that after the cameras stopped filming, tempers would flare.

Brenda and Macaulay are both very private people, so you won’t find many photos of them together on any of their social media accounts. When asked about her time with Macaulay, Brenda told Esquire, “You can’t be around [Macaulay] and not be happy.”

In the same Esquire interview, Macaulay reflected on his initial dating of Brenda, adding, “No — sometimes it’s just good.”

Dakota Song Culkin was born to Brenda and Macaulay in 2021; he was named after Macaulay’s late sister Dakota. Is Brenda now married to Macaulay? Is there anyone else in their family?

How Many Kids Do Brenda and Macaulay Have?

How Many Kids Do Brenda and Macaulay Have

True to the couple’s reclusive lifestyle, the public was fully unaware that Brenda gave birth to the couple’s second kid sometime around Christmas 2022, according to a Us Weekly article. Macaulay’s brother Kieran confirmed it during an interview with Access Hollywood, adding that he still needed to see Brenda and Macaulay’s second kid.

The rumored second kid of Brenda and Macaulay is a boy called Carson.

Brenda and Macaulay have been engaged for quite some time, although they are not yet married. According to a source for Us Weekly, “[Brenda and Macaulay are] dedicated to each other and are completely in it for the long haul… They’ve always been deeply in love with one another.

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