Maria Francisca Perello: Is Rafael Nadal Her Spouse?

Maria Francisca Perello: Is Rafael Nadal Her Spouse? In addition to being Rafael Nadal’s girlfriend, Maria Francisca Perello, better known as Xisca, is a professional tennis player. The Rafael Nadal Foundation, the charity she works with, is also well-known because of her involvement with Nadal. Xisca’s position as ‘Projects Director’ at the company is not surprising, given her degree in business administration from the United Kingdom. Besides managing the day-to-day activities of the foundation, the Spanish beauty is actively involved in reaching out to communities and youths in need. Maria Perello has become well-known due to her long-term relationship with Rafael Nadal, yet she is extremely reserved and avoids the spotlight.

As several fan pages have sprung up dedicated to her, she refuses to join social media platforms. When it comes to Rafael Nadal’s admirers, she’s quite popular because she has no desire to be a celebrity and instead lives an ordinary life. Nadal and his wife have agreed that they need to respect each other’s lives and personal space, thus she doesn’t accompany him to most of his tennis events. The fact that they’ve been together for so long suggests that the recipe worked.

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Maria Francisca Perello’s Fame & Career

Maria Francisca Perello had a strong desire to succeed since she was a child. She developed a strong sense of self-reliance as a result of having two working parents. She attended university in London after high school, where she majored in Business Management. Following graduation with honors, she landed a job with the athletic goods business “MAPFRE,” which also sponsored her lover Rafael Nadal. Perello, on the other hand, had a bad experience with this career path.

She’s always known she’d get more attention than anyone else because of her relationship with Nadal. It was the antagonism she encountered at ‘MAPFRE,’ on the other hand, that caught her off guard. She resigned from her position amid accusations that many of her coworkers believed she had only been hired because of her relationship with Rafael Nadal. The insurance business she worked for in Majorca hired her back after she left the country.

After paparazzi photos of her and Rafael Nadal began to surface, the public was made aware of her relationship with the Spaniard. At press conferences, Nadal refused to discuss her since she didn’t want to be associated with the spotlight. Rafa Nadal’s sister, Maria Isabel Nadal, moved in with her at this time, and the two became good friends. ‘Rafael Nadal Foundation’ was established in 2008 by the tennis star to help underprivileged children throughout the world. It wasn’t until Maria joined the foundation that she became the “Projects Director,” which she has held since. She has earned the respect of everyone working with the foundation because of her positive outlook and commercial skills.

In addition, dating one of the greatest tennis players of all time, even if she wants to avoid it, will bring with it a fair amount of fame and media attention. Her purposeful decision to stay away from social media and refrain from discussing Rafael Nadal with the media has made her life a little easier. In spite of this, paparazzi continue to follow the couple and regularly photograph the Spanish beauty.
Nadal’s matches get a lot of attention from Maria, but she rarely attends them. According to an interview, the choice was mutual and she claimed in the interview that Nadal needed space while competing and she would become tired if she had to wait for his needs while he was participating. “If I followed him everywhere, I suppose there’s a possibility we may stop getting along,” she said, referring to their successful relationship. In addition, this is one of the main reasons why she is so beloved by Rafa’s supporters.

Maria Francisca Perello's Fame & Career
Maria Francisca Perello’s Fame & Career

Maria Francisca Perello’s Personal Life

Maria Francisca Perello was born in Palma de Majorca, Spain, on July 7, 1988, and she currently lives in Palma de Mallorca. Mara Pascual is Bernat Perelló’s mother, and Bernat is her father. To avoid confusion, she likes to be called Xisca by her friends. Nadal had been a friend of hers since high school, but they just began dating in late 2005. A mutual acquaintance set them up. In London, England, she pursued a dual degree in Business Administration and English. She had to learn English in order to survive in London, even if she had difficulty at first. For the past year and a half, she has kept her personal life private, preferring to keep off of social media. She further said that she doesn’t talk about Nadal much at all with her own family because she is such a private person. More than a decade into their relationship, the couple hasn’t said anything about getting married.

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