Marques Brownlee Net Worth: How Rich Is The American YouTuber In 2023?

American social media personality Marques Brownlee is a well known personality. The MKBHD YouTube channel, which has more than 17 million members and 3.5 billion views, is where Marques Brownlee is best known. He is highly recognized for his technology-related videos and “Waveform” podcast.

Marques Brownlee Net Worth

Marques Brownlee Net Worth is $8 Million as of 2023. Vic Gundotra, a former senior vice president of social for Google, has referred to Marques Brownlee as “the best technology reviewer on the planet right now.”

In 2014, Marques Brownlee launched a Smartphone Award Series. He is a professional ultimate frisbee player who has represented the Garden State Ultimate and the Philadelphia Phoenix. Additionally, Brownlee represented the New York Rumble in the American Ultimate Disc League.

Marques Brownlee Net Worth

On December 3, 1993, Marques Brownlee was born in Maplewood, New Jersey. From a young age, he was fascinated by technology, especially the early Internet. In 2008, while still in high school, he joined YouTube. He attended Stevens Institute of Technology after graduating from Columbia High School in 2011, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in business and information technology in 2015.

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Perosnal Life Of Marques Brownlee

Before starting to operate out of a studio in Kearny, New Jersey, in 2016, Brownlee made his movies in his flat in New Jersey. Having owned a Model S and a Model S Plaid, he appreciates Tesla automobiles.

A professional ultimate frisbee player for the New York Empire of the American Ultimate Disc League, Brownlee also has interests in technology. Brownlee won the World Ultimate Club Championship of the World Flying Disc Federation in July 2022.

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