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Masked Singer Season 8: Finally Wait Is Over! Where And How To Watch Season 8?

Masked Singer Season 8

Masked Singer Season 8

Masked Singer Season 8: Based on the popular South Korean show King of Mask Singer, The Masked Singer is an American singing competition reality show. The premiere of the eighth season of “The Masked Singer” will air on Fox, just like every other season before it. Seasons typically have 10–13 episodes, but due to its immense popularity, Season 2 had 17. As a result of the popularity of Season 3 of The Masked Singer, a spin-off series entitled “The Masked Singer- After the Mask” was produced and aired, consisting of four excellent episodes.

Masked Singer Season 8 Plot: What Will Happen Next?

As with previous seasons, The Masked Singer Season 8 will be different. Since this is a sequel, we can expect even more craziness and awesomeness from the creators. The network they’re playing on was also mentioned, along with the fact that the end result will be a groundbreaking first-run film.

In order to keep viewers on their toes and generate more excitement, the format of Season 8 of The Masked Singer has been altered. This season, a new elimination system known as “king and queen elimination” will be implemented. Each episode will crown a single king and a single queen who will then advance to the next round.

The least popular celebrity will be unmasked in the middle of the show and forced to leave the show, followed by another celebrity after the battle royale round, based on the votes of the panelists and studio audience. Following this, the top three players from each round will compete for the title.

Masked Singer Season 8 Cast And Characters

For Season 8, we obviously can’t see who’s hiding their identities behind the masks. Since Tom Brady did not show up to Tampa Bay Buccaneers training camp, there have been rumors that he will perform as a masked singer. In any case, he now claims he had nothing to do with it (which is exactly what someone who was a secret contestant would say). Just let the rumors spread.

The return of celebrity guest stars Leslie Jordan and Joel McHale has been confirmed. Meanwhile, Nick Cannon will be taking a brief break from fatherhood to host again, and all of his usual guests will be returning as well.

Familiar faces:

Masked Singer Season 8: What We Expected From Season 8?

The eighth season of The Masked Singer has a lot riding on it because of the radical changes made to the show’s format. Fans will undoubtedly miss seeing the judges’ initial reactions and awarding of golden ear trophies. However, the new additions to the upcoming episodes are what will really win over the audience.

A new, more effective means of elimination has been introduced by the manufacturers. Theme nights are a new and exciting addition to the season. It will have an impact on everything from the wardrobe to the music to the set design to the hints. Vegas Night, Thanksgiving, Friday Night, Comedy Roasts, Andrew Lloyd Webber Night, Muppet Night, Nineties Night, and Hall of Fame Night are just some of the themes that made the cut. In addition, each mask will make a weekly appearance.

Masked Singer Season 8 Release Date

Fox has set the premiere date for the eighth season of The Masked Singer for September 21, 2022. We anticipate that television personality Jenny McCarthy, comedian Ken Jeong, singer-actress Nicole Scherzinger, and singer-songwriter and record producer Robin Thicke will all serve as judges this season.

Nick Cannon is due to have his tenth and eleventh child in 2022 with Abby de la Rosa, the mother of his 2021 twins, who are due in October, and with Brittany Bell, though this is only a strong possibility at this point.

The show will feature not only the host and panelists but also a number of well-known guests. That this season’s clues will be delivered by a real, live goat is one of the most exciting new features.

Where To Watch The Masked Singer Season 8?

Season 8 of The Masked Singer airs on Fox every Wednesday at 8 pm beginning on September 21, 2022. If you were unable to watch the episode the day it originally aired, you can catch up with it on Tubi, FOX NOW, FOX Entertainment’s streaming platform, or Hulu.

Masked Singer Season 8 Trailer

Here is the trailer,

you can watch and enjoy it!

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