Matt Damon’s Daughters: Does He Have Three Daughters?

Matt Damon’s Daughters: Does He Have Three Daughters? At Nobu Malibu, Matt Damon Is Seen With His Three Daughters, Isabella, 15, Gia, 12, and Stella, 10. All Are Seldom Seen Together.

One day after providing public support for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, Matt Damon made a rare appearance with his three daughters for a family dinner. The event took place one day after Damon publicly supported Affleck and Lopez.

Matt Damon has dined in Malibu with his three children, Isabella, 15, Gia, 12, and Stella, 10. They are rarely seen. As he departed his enormous black SUV on August 14 with his children, the Good Will Hunting actor, 50, was all smiles as he headed to dine at the celebrity hotspot Nobu Malibu. Matt wore an all-black attire consisting of a black hoodie, jeans, sneakers, and a face mask. Jeans, sweaters, and protective face masks were worn by all three of his girls.

As fans are aware, the event takes place one day after the Golden Globe winner declared he wishes Ben Affleck nothing but the best. Matt discussed his friend’s friendship with Jennifer Lopez, saying that he is a huge Bennifer fan. During a rapid-fire round of questions on the August 13 episode of The Carlos Watson Show, the actor discussed the pair while promoting his new film Stillwater. Matt responded, “Oh man, no one is pulling harder than I am,” when asked if he believed the couple would make it to the finish line.

“They are both excellent. I only desire their happiness. They currently appear quite content.” Matt also told Extra in July that he was “just so pleased” for Ben in light of his renewed relationship with his ex-fiancee. “He is the greatest. He is deserving of all the happiness in the world. I am happy for them both.” Fans of the actor are aware that he was recently observed strolling along the beach with the pair in Malibu.

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On a private Malibu beach near Paradise Cove, the actor was spotted walking with Bennifer while they held hands. As evidenced by their broad smiles in the August 8 photographs, the three A-list celebrities appeared to be having an absolute time together. A source close to the group recently told HollywoodLife that Matt could not be happier for his more than a 25-year-old friend. They are lifelong friends and discuss everything. Matt knows what makes Ben tick, and he’s content because Ben’s happiness is evident.

Damon is the stepfather to Alexia, the daughter of Barroso from a previous relationship.

Alexia was born in Argentina in 1999 and attended a New York exclusive school.

Damon has extensively discussed becoming a father.

He reported in 2021: “I’m growing old, man. I believe I become more emotional today.

“Since having children, I feel that my work has gotten a lot easier because I don’t have to seek for any emotions, whether it’s joy or grief, since they’re all close by because the stakes are so much higher when you have children.”


Matt and Luciana welcomed their daughter Isabella in June 2006.

Matt stated on CBS This Morning that Isabella enjoys teasing him.

“[Isabella] refuses to watch [Good Will Hunting],” stated the actor. She does not wish to watch any potential good films in which I appear.

“She just wants to give me s***.

“My daughter asked me, ‘Remember that movie, The Wall?'” I stated, “It was known as The Great Wall.” She tells her father, “There’s nothing special about the movie.” She keeps me firmly planted on the earth.”


After the birth of his daughter, Matt stated, “I believe everything changes in small, amazing ways.”

“My entire life expanded when I became a father. I am frequently the recipient of all the good things.”

Does He Have Three Daughters?
Does He Have Three Daughters?


Stella was born on October 20, 2010, making her Damon’s youngest child.

Her father has expressed that he is “wrapped around [her] finger.”

But it’s fantastic… You can never predict where life will lead you.

“I’m learning so much, including how much brighter girls are than boys.

“I functioned under the premise that we had a shot, but I recognized when [Stella] had me fully wrapped around her little finger, and she was aware of it.

“If they can do that to us when they’re young, we don’t stand a chance when they’re adults.”

On his upper arm, Damon has tattoos of his daughters’ names, Alexia, Isabella, Gia, and Stella, inscribed in beautiful calligraphy.

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