Mauricio Umansky Net Worth: He Launched His New Book ‘Buying Beverly Hills’

What is Mauricio Umansky Net Worth? Mauricio Umansky is a well-known figure in Mexican reality television and is also a successful real estate developer. Despite the fact that he is most likely best recognized for being Kyle Richard’s husband on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” Mauricio is an accomplished and well-known character in his own right.

Umansky is an extremely successful real estate professional who, on an annual basis, sells more than $150 million worth of property. This tally does not take into account referral fees or other forms of commission earned by his network of agents. At the moment, he serves as Chief Executive Officer of The Agency, a prosperous real estate company.

Early Life

Mauricio Umansky was born in Mexico on June 25th, 1970. His full name is Mauricio Umansky. His mother, Estella Sneider, is a well-known radio and television personality in Mexico, and he takes after her in that respect. Estella is a psychologist, a sex therapist, and a novelist, among her many other credentials. Mauricio’s early life was difficult since he was diagnosed with a disorder called neutropenia, which is an unusually low white blood cell count.

This ailment caused him to have an abnormally low white blood cell count. As a direct consequence of this, he spent much of his childhood going in and out of the hospital. His parents welcomed his younger sister into the world exactly one year after he entered the world.

Mauricio’s family uprooted and relocated to the United States when he was just six years old. At the beginning of his academic career, he enrolled in the University of Southern California; nevertheless, he soon withdrew from school to concentrate on his business endeavors.


Umansky began his career in the world of business with a highly profitable clothing line, which he eventually sold when he was 26 years old for a sizeable profit. After that, he entered the real estate industry by becoming an employee of Hilton & Hyland, a company that had been founded by his brother-in-law. Mauricio got off to a fantastic start, and his first sale was a property for $7.5 million that had previously been owned by the ex-husband of his wife.

By the year 2011, he was prepared to launch his very own real estate company, which he decided to name The Agency. Mauricio Umansky is the current Chief Executive Officer of the company, which specializes in the sale of luxury real estate in affluent communities around the Los Angeles area, including Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills, Malibu, and Brentwood. According to the website of The Agency, Mauricio has properties worth a total of $350 million in his portfolio. One of these properties is a single house that is currently advertised for sale at $68.5 million.

The Agency serves both purchasers and vendors of luxury homes and apartments, as well as renters of such properties. In addition, there are over 650 people working for the company, and it has more than 37 offices in different countries.

Due to the nature of his real estate firm, Umansky frequently collaborates with a number of the most famous celebrities in the globe. Deals involving the Playboy Mansion, the Disney Estate, and homes held by rockstar celebrities have all been supervised under his direction. In addition, he was instrumental in the completion of a transaction involving the first property in Los Angeles history to sell for more than $100 million.

Because of his regular performance at the top of the official rankings for real estate agents in the country, Mauricio Umansky is widely regarded as the most accomplished real estate agent in the country. Since it was first established, his company has been responsible for the sale of more than $1.5 billion worth of a real estate.

Personal Life

Kyle Richards from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” is married to Mauricio Umansky. Kyle Richards’s last name is Umansky. They tied the knot in 1996, and now they are parents to three beautiful girls named Portia, Alexia, and Sophia. She is his stepdaughter and her name is Farrah. On an episode of “The Real Housewives,” all four of the girls celebrated their birthdays in extremely extravagant fashion.Mauricio Umansky Net Worth

He is the brother-in-law of Rick Hilton, Kim Richards, and Kathy Richards Hilton respectively. Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton’s aunt is his wife, Kyle Richards, who he married.

His mother is a sex therapist, psychotherapist, author, socialite, and television and radio personality who has been featured on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” She has a wonderful relationship with her son-in-law Kyle Richards, who she married. She went on to say that “She is a lovely wife to my son Mauricio Umansky for more than 17 years. She is also a fabulous mother to my granddaughters and the nicest daughter-in-law any mother could have.”

In addition to the normal pursuits of privileged guys like golf and tennis, Mauricio is a passionate participant in the sport of helicopter skiing. Richards surprised Mauricio by buying him a customized electric bike for his 50th birthday, and she posted pictures of the gift on her various social media platforms, along with the following caption: “Many people adore you and look up to you as a role model. Andy Cohen Net Worth

You should always give whatever you do in life your absolute best effort. A celebrator of life who looks at everything optimistically and always sees the bright side. I respect your bravery, self-assurance, and dedication to hard work (even if I complain about all the business calls). I admire your sense of humor, confidence, and willingness to try new things (even if our girls [and] I complain about the excursions you take us on we always end up loving it and are happy you make us try new things).

I want to express my gratitude to you for being such a devoted husband and parent, as well as for everything else you do for our family. It’s crazy to think that we’ve spent more than half of our lives with each other. I want to express how much I care for you by wishing you continuing good health and happiness on your birthday!”

In celebration of Mauricio’s 50th birthday, he, his wife, and their two kids went on a vacation to Aspen, Colorado. In addition, each of his children paid tribute to both their biological father and their stepfather on their respective social media profiles.

In July of the year 2020, Mauricio got a mohawk haircut for the first time. Kyle Richards did not like it. In her Instagram stories, Kyle said:

“I just discovered all of this, and it appears that my husband has not completed his entire quarantine. Oh my gosh. It is imperative that I view this mane.” She was hunting for her spouse when she came across a mound of his hair in the bathroom, so she walked in that direction. “What have you done to make things so bad for yourself? Are you kidding me?! “she exclaimed after she saw his new mohawk for the first time.

“I styled my hair into a mohawk. I was the one who invented the mohawk, “Mauricio provided an explanation. In the end, Mauricio decided to give up the mohawk. After all, a contented wife makes for a contented existence.

He Launched His New Book ‘Buying Beverly Hills’

In the book, the star of the reality show Buying Beverly Hills divulges information about his family and career, as well as opens up about the life lessons he’s gained over the course of his journey.

Umansky claims, “My life has been full of incredible learning experiences and insights.” “I am a teacher, and I impart the lessons I’ve learned in life. All of these aspects of my life — as a father, as a husband, as the chief executive officer of a company, and as a real estate agent — are topics that I frequently discuss with The Agency, whether they pertain to business or relationships. I have the impression that I have a lot to impart, and I would like to do it with as many people as possible.”

Real Estate

In 2011, Kyle and Mauricio purchased a mansion in the Bel-Air region of Los Angeles for the price of $3 million. This is the Beverly Hills mansion that was utilized for filming “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” the most frequently. They placed the house on the market for the very first time that year (2017). In January 2022, they made their ultimate decision to accept a bid of $6.5 million.

Mauricio Umansky Net Worth

Mauricio Umansky Net Worth is estimated to be around $100 Million currently. In October 2017, Kyle and Mauricio purchased a home in Encino, California for the price of $8.2 million. In addition, they have a house in La Quinta, California, which they purchased for $2.35 million in the year 2014.

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