What is Maxx Crosby Wife Rachel Washburn Age, Hight, and Weight?

The NFL’s rabid fan base frequently speculates about the partners of their favorite players and attempts to identify their “biggest supporter.” Maxx Crosby, Pro Bowl edge rusher for the Las Vegas Raiders, has a wife who has pursued her own route in life, which includes playing her own form of football.

Who is Maxx Crosby Wife, Rachel Washburn?

Rachel Washburn’s parents, Mark and Trisha Washburn, brought her up in Hartland, Michigan. Ashley and Chad were her brothers. In 2013, Rachel graduated from Hartland High School.

She participated in soccer throughout high school and went on to declare a sports management degree at Eastern Michigan University. What About Derek Carr’s Wife? I am factually familiar with Heather Neel.

Maxx Crosby Wife Rachel Washburn Age

Rachel Washburn is a 28-year-old woman who was born in 1995. She weighs 57 kg and measures 5 feet, 8 inches tall. See also: Oscar Piastr Stats for 2023: Birthday, Height, Biography, Parents, Headgear, and Wealth

When did Maxx Crosby and Rachel Washburn Meet?

When did Maxx Crosby and Rachel Washburn Meet

It was at Eastern Michigan University when Rachel and Maxx initially connected. They saw one other for the first time and both fell madly in love at once. After dating for a while, Maxx Crosby and Rachel Washburn got engaged in 2022 and were married a year and a half later in March 2023.

Maxx Crosby’s Wife Ashely Washburn Crosby Net Worth

Ashley Washburn Crosby, Maxx’s new wife, graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a degree in sports management. She played soccer for four years at the collegiate level, all as a starter. The defensive end was picked by the Raiders in 2019, and Washburn followed him out to California.

Her husband owns the “Mad Maxx Merch” apparel website, and her Instagram feed claims that she helps administer it. Show Biz Corner estimates that she is worth around $100,000, albeit this is very speculative given the current state of her career.

In March of 2022, the Las Vegas Raiders extended their contract with the two-time Pro Bowl defensive end for four years and $98 million.

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