Michelle Young And Nayte Break Up: Before One Year Of Engagement?

Michelle Young And Nayte Break Up: Before One Year Of Engagement? Nayte Olukoya is going to tell you what happened from his perspective.

The former contestant on The Bachelorette has stated that he did not cheat on his ex-fiancée Michelle Young prior to the two of them deciding to end their relationship. The 27-year-old revealed this information in a question-and-answer session on Instagram, which has already ended. She stated that there is not always a major cause for two people to break up.

On one of the slides, he had written, “No, I didn’t cheat.”

After that, he continued, “Not every breakup requires there to be someone to blame.” “Indeed, the demands placed on both of us were ridiculously high. We did our best. It didn’t work. We feel terrible about it. Grief is experienced uniquely by every one of us.”

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Olukoya questioned why some fans have presented him in a negative light and asked them to stop. “Yes, it seems that many of you consider me to be an f—- boy or a red sign. Is it possible that the piercings and tattoos are to blame? Who is to say, “Olukoya went on from there. “But I try to live up to my reputation as a good person, and I only want to get better over time. As each one of us ought to wish for ourselves.”

When asked about the rumors that Olukoya was cheating on Young when he was seen out with his pals, he stated that the nights he spent with his buddies were just for fun. “Absolutely, I enjoy spending time with my friends. Given that she enjoys spending time with her girlfriends, “he noted. “There’s absolutely no problem with that. If anything, extremely high in quality. People who are sociable like us. It’s not true that all people who frequent bars are dishonest.”

On Olukoya, 29, and Young’s season of The Bachelorette, which aired in 2021, the couple announced their engagement on the show. They became the first official couple of a non-white background to get engaged as a result of either The Bachelor or The Bachelorette in the history of the Bachelor series.

Upon the announcement of their engagement, Young expressed her certainty to PEOPLE that Olukoya was “her person.”

Michelle Young Break Up With Nayte
Michelle Young Break Up With Nayte

Young revealed, “I grow more in love with you every single day.” “I had the good fortune to grow up in a family that had a strong marriage, and because of that, I decided that I wasn’t going to give up until I had one of my own. He is the one for me. And I was unaware that I was capable of loving on such a profound level.”

The pair made the announcement that they were breaking off their engagement on June 17th.

Young wrote on her Instagram Story that she was “struggling to say that Nayte and I will be going our separate ways,” and that she “stands with him in knowing the heaviness that is present in both of our hearts as this relationship has been very real for us.” Young also mentioned that having her relationship in the public eye “has not been easy.”

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