The Monkees’ Final Member, Micky Dolenz, is Suing the Fbi

Micky Dolenz, the lone surviving member of the legendary 1960s-era made-for-television pop band The Monkees, is suing the FBI over documents he claims show the agency was keeping tabs on the band.

Rolling Stone was the first to report on the 1967 file, revealing that the FBI was looking into the band for disseminating anti-Vietnam war messaging during their gigs.

An unidentified concertgoer who spoke with the FBI is quoted as saying:

According to the author, subliminal images on the concert’s screen “…constituted left-wing advances of a political nature…”.

As a significant admirer of the Monkees, Dolenz’s lawyer, Mark Zaid, best known for representing the whistleblower during former President Trump’s Ukraine crisis, was naturally drawn to this case.

Zaid told CBSLA, “Understand that The Monkees existed in a volatile period in the United States.” “Micky is still performing today, and The Monkees — until others fell away — were all still performing, but they came to the world’s attention around 1966 or so when we were in Vietnam, and the hippies were becoming prominent, and the drug culture was beginning to take hold.”

Zaid claims he made a Freedom of Information Act request after discovering the FBI was keeping a dossier on the band, but he heard nothing back for months. Thus, he filed suit to uncover the FBI’s information on the organization’s members.

“At least one informant, likely an FBI agent who wanted to take their kid to a Monkees performance, did just that in San Francisco and then reported back to the FBI on the anti-war protest movement. What does it tell the FBI’s monitoring of The Monkees that they kept tabs on the group and its members? And what does it imply about FBI operations in the 1960s more generally? “I quote Zaid:

In 1967, they had four albums debut at number one, a feat no other band has yet to equal.

No response from the Department of Justice to CBSLA’s inquiry about the case was sent after business hours.

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