Mo3 Death: What Happened to His Killer?

 All of humanity was shocked by the news of Mo3 Death. Many unanswered questions and conspiracy theories persist regarding the Mo3 Death of one of the world’s most famous and beloved figures, whose pursuit by paparazzi ultimately proved fatal.

Who Was Mo3?

Who Was Mo3?

Mo3 was a famous American band that originated in Dallas, Texas. Boosie’s Bad Azz Music was a label he was connected to. Shottas was a mixtape released in 2014 that revitalised the drill rapper genre. He’s already had over six successful releases under his belt. A few of his most popular songs are “And I,” “All the Way Down,” and “Hold Ya Tongue.”

Melvin Noble (his given name) was born in Dallas, Texas on May 31st, 1992. Although there is scant information on his childhood, Mo3 has alluded to the difficulties he encountered with his mother. His mother had a hard time paying the bills because she had so little money.

They “didn’t have anyplace to sleep” and “had to eat noodles every day,” he says in a Dallas Observer article. They slept on patios because they couldn’t afford the cost of keeping the lights on and they charged their phones at convenience stores. Musically, Mo3 was influenced by his childhood hero, the rapper Boosie Badazz.

Mo3 Death

Mo3 Death

On the 11th of November, Mo3, aka Melvin Noble, was gunned down in a “brazen attack” on Interstate 35 near Oak Cliff. Photographs taken at the interchange of Interstate 35 and Clarendon Drive show a man, later identified as Kwon Dontrell White, getting out of a dark-coloured Chevrolet Camaro and pursuing Noble, who has also gotten out of his car. White unleashed a barrage of bullets that eventually struck Noble.

An uninvolved spectator sitting in his car was also shot at during the incident. His injuries weren’t very serious, so he was only sent to a nearby hospital. At Methodist Hospital, Noble succumbed to his injuries.

White took off up north on I-35 to get away from the crime. White was out on bail for two charges in Dallas County at the time of the fatal incident: a felony count of unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon and a misdemeanour count of avoiding arrest. On December 9th, federal authorities arrested him for illegally possessing a handgun. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Texas issued a news release after White’s arrest stating that White and Brown had been charged with “gun and drug offences.”

Only White was suspected of involvement in the murder of Noble at the time of his arrest, but both men were called “affiliates.” White was arrested in November after police allegedly discovered a 9mm weapon in his pocket. The lawsuit further states that when police sought to perform a traffic check, he escaped on his dirt bike and then on foot. If you click on the link, you’ll find more information about the Death of other prominent people, such as Jocelyne FloresNicole Brown SimpsonKate SpadeWhitey Bulger.

Brown’s closet contained an AK-47, a botanical substance that field tested positive for synthetic cannabinoids, a container of tablets that field tested positive for methamphetamine, scales, baggies, over $3,000, and a separate criminal complaint submitted in the same month. Just last month, he entered a guilty plea to federal counts of firearm possession by a felon and of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute a prohibited drug.

Brown had gotten “upset at a relationship” between Noble and a juvenile witness, as revealed by the probe. According to the evidence presented in court, a witness told investigators that Brown had repeatedly called the juvenile witness before the fatal shot. The police also learned that Brown had asked the minor witness whether or not Noble was there at a particular address. Call records from Brown’s phone on the days preceding up to and including the day of the murder were turned over to authorities a few days after the shooting.

On November 19th, Brown was apprehended and arrested on federal charges. Authorities said he reported being “upset” after discovering “complainant Noble and a known witness were dating” after seeing a Facebook video in which Noble was featured. He did not deny calling the juvenile witness that morning of the murder, which he said happened, but he did not admit to any involvement in the murder itself.

After DPD released still photographs of the suspect at the scene of the incident on November 25, authorities received an anonymous tip naming White as the suspect in Noble’s death. A witness has told police that she heard White admit to her boyfriend that she shot Noble over the phone. The police were able to piece together from White’s cellphone activity that he had been in the neighbourhood of the witness’ flat the night before and where Noble stayed the morning of the shooting.

There was further evidence that White and Noble took the same route, which positioned him near the crime scene. Phone records showed that Brown had been in contact with White several times on the day of the shooting and the day before, including while Noble was being followed from the apartment of the juvenile witness.

To the question of whether or not he knew Brown, White responded in the negative. In addition, he told investigators that “he could not remember his numbers,” so they couldn’t be sure that the phone number they were checking against phone records was his. In February, White was indicted for murder. The federal government is still holding both White and Brown in prison.

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