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Modern Warfare 2 Pc Requirements: Is Modern Warfare 2 coming to Steam?

Modern Warfare 2 Pc Requirements: The following Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II system requirements are intended for desktop personal computers only. Although there are some laptop PCs that employ graphics cards that are compatible with the specifications listed below, such graphics cards may be of a different type and hence are not supported. If you are confused about the specs of your computer, you should consult the owner’s handbook that came with it.

A broadband internet connection, a sound card that is compatible with DirectX, and a PC that is compatible with DirectX 12 are all requirements for all of the following criteria. The Hi-Rez assets cache is a storage space that is not required but is available if you want to stream high-resolution content. In the game’s Settings menu, you will find the option to disable this feature.

Modern Warfare 2 Pc Requirements

Here are the system specs you’ll need to know, from minimum to recommended to competitive to ultra:

System requirements for Modern Warfare 2 are as follows:

These are the minimum and recommended specifications for playing Modern Warfare 2:

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System requirements for competitive multiplayer in Modern Warfare 2:

Modern Warfare 2 Pc Requirements

Ultra 4K resolution for Modern Warfare 2:

The beta specifications were lower than these, so even if your computer ran the game smoothly, you should check to be sure it can handle the final release. Be sure to check out our Modern Warfare 2 weaponry guide for additional information. Our guide to unlocking all three of the Modern Warfare 2 campaign’s safes can be found here.

Earlier this month, Infinity Ward also announced that a phone number associated with a player’s account is required in order to access Modern Warfare.

Is Modern Warfare 2 coming to Steam?

Due to the Ricochet anti-cheat system being incompatible with Linux on the kernel level, Infinity Ward has stated that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will not be Steam Deck compatible at launch. However, if your Steam Deck is running Windows, you should be fine to go.

Find out by taking PCGameBenchmark’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 benchmark test… Could I play Modern Warfare 2 Use our Call of Duty: Warzone 2 system requirements guide to making sure your PC meets the minimum requirements for the next game.

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