MultiVersus Season 2: Is There Any New Character In This Second Season?

MultiVersus Season 2: In addition to numerous adjustments to the game’s gameplay and brand-new content, MultiVersus Season 2 adds even more new characters to the already robust roster of the popular fighter. We have collated all of the information there is to know about the upcoming second season of MultiVerusus.

The rise of MultiVersus in 2022 has been one of the most remarkable examples of business success. More than ten million people have already signed up to play the fighting game that was based on Warner Bros. Smash before it was even released from beta testing.

Aside from its impressive battle system, the extensive cast of playable characters in MultiVersus is unquestionably the game’s most alluring feature. Rick and Morty were added to the cast alongside Black Adam, Stripe, and Gizmo when the highly anticipated first season of the show was finally released.

The creators have already begun working on Season 2 and have made a significant amount of additional content available in order to sustain the level of excitement that has been generated. The following is an exhaustive list of everything that was included, ranging from the publication of “Marvin the Martian” to the creation of a new map for “Game of Thrones.”

MultiVersus Season 2 Start Date

On Tuesday, November 15, 2022, the production of the second season of MultiVersus got under-start. After a relatively short period of downtime, brand-new content was immediately released, as was to be expected given the conclusion of Season 1.

MultiVersus Season 2 New Characters

In contrast to Season 1, which presented a lot of intriguing new characters, it is still unknown how many more will be featured in Season 2. Marvin the Martian, the game’s first new fighter for this season, will, however, get things started off on the right foot straight away.

MultiVersus Season 2

The release date for Marvin is not yet determined, but we should have plenty of new information very soon, so you can anticipate that the roster will expand in just a few days’ time.

There have been dozens of well-known characters, such as fan favorites from Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Stranger Things, that have been unearthed by data miners and leaks. Warner Bros. has a great number of properties from which to draw inspiration.

There have even been requests for the main character of Breaking Bad, Walter White, to make an appearance in the game. A character artist who is working on the game responded to one of these requests by expressing that they would like to see the legendary anti-hero join the fight.

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Any one of these might very well make their first appearance in the game with the upcoming major update, or Player First Games might have someone else up their sleeve. As MultiVersus Season 2 progresses, you can count on us to keep you informed of any relevant developments.

MultiVersus Season 2 Content

In addition to a large number of new characters, the MultiVersus Season 2 update also includes a brand-new Battle Pass for players to work their way through. This update follows in the footsteps of the one that came before it. This makes available to players a plethora of glistening cosmetics and skins that can be unlocked.

The existing roster of fighters in MultiVersus received a variety of buffs and nerfs during the course of MultiVersus Season 2, in a similar fashion, in an effort to make the game more balanced and to make room for the new characters.

In addition, with the premiere of Season 2 of Game of Thrones, a new map with a Game of Thrones theme was added to the mix. Players now have the opportunity to do battle in the renowned Iron Throne room, facing off against one another in front of the imposing chair.

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