My Girlfriend Is Alien 2: Everything You Need To Know!

My Girlfriend Is Alien 2 Release Date: August Or September? Asian-produced shows currently dominate a considerable section of the global entertainment market. People are drawn to Asian dramas because of the narrative intrigue and the uniqueness of the stories. Numerous individuals cannot resist the draw of love. Two of the most widespread human wants are falling in love and having a nice story to tell.

The manner in which the genre has been explored in Asian dramas is successful. My Girlfriend Is an Alien, one of the most talked-about Chinese dramas of late, has recently been added to the list of top-tier love stories. WeTV has only translated one Chinese show into Hindi and Tamil, making it especially popular among Indian audiences. It has a fascinating premise and an outstanding cast. Season 1 of My Girlfriend is an Alien concluded some time ago, and fans impatiently anticipate the season 2 premiere date.

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In 2019, the first season of My Girlfriend is an Alien premiered with 24 episodes. Numerous viewers appreciated the romantic comedy series on WeTV. Thassapak Hsu and Wan Peng constituted the bulk of the cast (Fang Leng). Wan Peng was nominated the Most Promising Television Actor at the 2015 Tencent Video All-Star Awards for his portrayal of Chai Xiaoqi. My Girlfriend is an Alien: Will WeTV Bring It Back for a Second Season? It is a show that many individuals eagerly anticipate. The following is what we know about the renewal as of today.

My Girlfriend Is Alien 2 Plot/Story

Chai Xiaoqi, an alien woman, stars in the film My Girlfriend Is an Alien (played by Wan Peng). Her claim to fame is the “Cape Town Planet.” President of the “Future Group of Companies” Fang Leng is the polar opposite (played by Thassapak Hsu). If Chai Xiaoqi must sacrifice her life to save the President when he is severely injured in a car accident, she deserves praise. The two completely dissimilar personalities develop feelings for one another. The plot of Season 2 is unknown to us at this time. To keep the audience satisfied, though, the plot must contain more cheerful and healthful elements.

Ambassador Xiaoqi returns to her home planet at the end of the season. Once more, we will see the shenanigans of our two protagonists. Their supporters will greatly miss the couple’s antics. The return of My Girlfriend is an Alien Season 2 will undoubtedly excite the show’s devoted fanbase.

My Girlfriend Is Alien Cast

The majority of cast members will reprise their roles, according to the most recent statement. Included in Season 2 of My Girlfriend is an Alien will be:

  • Thassapak Hsu in the role of Fang Leng
  • Wan Peng in the role of Chai Xiaoqi
  • Wang You Jun in the role of Fang Lie
  • Yang Yue in the role of Jiang Xue
  • Alina Zhang in the role of Sister Chai

Deng Ke, Gao Zong Kai, Dong Ke, and Chen Jing are anticipated to return as showrunners and scriptwriters, respectively, despite the fact that no specific staff members have been named as of yet.

My Girlfriend Is Alien Cast
My Girlfriend Is Alien Cast

My Girlfriend Is Alien Release Date

The release date for the second season of My Girlfriend Is an Alien has not been officially announced, but the producers have confirmed that the show will soon return with its second season. According to our sources, the second season of My Girlfriend Is an Alien will premiere at the end of August or the beginning of September 2022. We are confident that the show will return in the near future. Fans’ suspicions were confirmed when photographs of Thassapak Hsu, Wan Peng, and Wang You Jun were revealed. WeTV made a major announcement on Twitter, backed by a beautiful video displaying the show’s cast. The production of the series has resumed, and we are pretty pleased with the choice to renew it. Multiple photographs of the primary couple wearing identical pink pullovers have been circulating online.

We expect that WeTV and Tencent Video will announce the show’s debut date and publish a teaser in the near future. Now that the photographs have been released, there is a greater chance that the show’s creators may share other intriguing tidbits about the upcoming season one by one. Nevertheless, if you are a diehard fan, you can always watch the programme again on MX Player or WeTV.

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