New Game Boy 2022: What Does the New Gameboy Do Exactly?

It is high time that a new concept for the Gameboy was developed as the Gameboy is undoubtedly the most well-known gaming console of all time. This would allow us to give in to our yearnings for the past while simultaneously burying the regret that such a device will never be produced.

On the other hand, it is always fascinating to take a look at the works that artists and graphic designers have produced.

New Game Boy 2022

The Nintendo Switch “mistakenly” entered the market when demand for portable video game systems fell. The Switch could benefit from a horizontal format, widescreen, like Valve’s Steam Deck system and previous PS Vita handhelds. What might the original Game Boy have looked like if it had adopted these features?

Obirux intended to remedy this by updating a classic Game Boy device. The Gameboy DMG-0B is a prototype that can change its screen orientation from portrait to landscape. To make this “new” version, two of the original Game Boy cases had to be thrown away.

Lighting and several video options have been added, and the original screen has been replaced with a more current IPS model, which offers vastly superior images. The new Game Boy doesn’t require four AA batteries because it has a rechargeable Li-ion battery. It has the standard directional cross, B and A buttons, and a small speaker in the lower right.

The final product, a first-generation Game Boy styled after Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance, is rather aesthetically beautiful (released in the early 2000s). You may recall that the first Game Boy had 8-KByte RAM and a 4.1-MHz Sharp Z80 processor.

There were four shades of grey, and the screen’s display was 160 pixels wide by 144 pixels high. Even though it fell short of Nintendo’s claims of becoming a “monster of power” in the early ’90s, every gamer of the era nonetheless lusted after Nintendo’s portable console.

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What Does the New Gameboy Do Exactly?

The new Gameboy is not LDK Horizontal or Bittboy Pocket Go. Wireless charging, less plastic, and new metal buttons update the original Gameboy. First, the magnificent display. The same width as its older sibling suggests a 3′′-4′′ display. It has to feature a touch pressure-sensitive screen, so you can swipe to select games and press with varied amounts of force in fun, right?

We can discuss the Nintendo Flex’s name while on screen. It’s flexible, but we don’t think it can bend or become an Autobot. However, the screen turns with a seamless curvature to enhance your gaming experience. If the handheld bends, it might function with a stylus, but it doesn’t appear to. The writing could grow painful, but you can use a stylus to take notes and play without wearing out your fingers!

A minor curve. Mr. Yoon wants that appearance. A sleek, curving shell with a hint of modern technology. Minimalist on/off button. To the left of the circle are high-quality bass-amplified speakers. Yoon says:

“While playing a game, each player’s right palm would contact or completely cover the original GAME BOY’s corner, where the speaker was located. Taking this classic design element, yet user experience flaw into consideration, I have utilized the iconic detail while relocating the speaker to the top of the device, efficiently delivering sound from the closest point to the player.“

After pushing it to the top, we question why Nintendo didn’t do this before. The new Gameboy has a flush front. No buttons or screen protrude. Yoon incorporated the controls inside the new Gameboy and the spaceship-looking D-PAD with a con-curved sensation instead of using giant, low-quality plastic. Returning to the top of the device, the on/off switch is special.

New Game Boy 2022

You can press it to turn on the new Gameboy, but if you “deep” push it, it reveals a stylus-like USB-C converter that may be a tiny battery pack for charging other devices. The redesigned Gameboy has a neon light on top when turned on. If on, this indicates a low battery or internal malfunction. We love this sneaky feature! The new Gameboy’s minor bend is more visible at the bottom. Subtle but there. The USB-C port, headphone jack, and touch-sensitive contrast button on the left are also present.

What do we do without a cartridge slot on this latest Gameboy? As a modern Gameboy, you can download those games directly from the Nintendo Store on the portable. You can’t download DS games, but if developers made new games and sold the old ones cheaply, this would be wonderful since let’s face it, none of us like carrying about 5 or more cartridges when we travel!

It’s a great handheld we’d love to see. Yoon isn’t affiliated with Nintendo, but it’s fun to see designers’ Gameboy designs. This one is our favorite because of its modern metal, touch screens, distinctive “flex,” and Gameboy-like appearance. I Hope Nintendo revives the Gameboy.

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