Olivia Wilde Dating: Why Harry Style Refuses To Stand Next To Her?

At the Don’t Worry Darling premiere on Monday night, Harry Styles didn’t seem to stand next to his girlfriend, Olivia Wilde. Who’s Olivia Wilde Dating?

Harry, 28, plays Florence Pugh’s on-screen husband in the upcoming movie. It was directed and co-produced by his now-girlfriend Olivia, 38, who he met while working on the movie.

Before the movie’s premiere, the cast had already caused a stir online with many behind-the-scenes dramas. The premiere also brought a new wave of awkwardness to the cinema.

Harry and Olivia got to Venice for the city’s film festival at different times, and Florence, the leading lady, skipped the press conference and was seen having a drink instead.

In a video that has gone viral, Harry was seen politely turning down a request from a member of Olivia’s team to switch places with his co-stars so that he could stand next to her.

Olivia, Harry, Gemma Chan, Chris Pine, and Sydney Chandler lined up in front of the cameras for a group photo.

A crew member encouraged the Watermelon Sugar singer to stand close to Olivia after he had reportedly moved to stand next to Gemma and Sydney.

He seems to ignore their request and continues to stand between his co-stars.

Social media users went crazy after hearing rumours that the musician wouldn’t pose with his partner.

Someone on Olivia’s team asked Harry to pose for photos with her and Stan, but Harry politely declined.

Someone said, “He clung to gemma as his life depended on it.”

Olivia Wilde Dating Harry Styles

One user commented, “This cast drama is sooooo messy for no reason,” while another user added, “Harry’s like, “Olivia? “I’ve never met her,”

After Harry took over the lead role in Autumn 2020 from Shia LaBeouf, he and Olivia began a romantic relationship.

It is unknown exactly when Olivia ended her marriage to Jason Sudeikis or when she started dating Harry. Neither of these events is believed to have occurred simultaneously.

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People wonder when the singer and the director’s marriage ended and when she moved on after they were photographed getting cosy in January 2021. The singer is a director, and the director is a singer.

Since then, they have been careful to keep their connection a secret.

According to reports, the fact that they are romantically involved significantly contributes to Florence and Olivia’s strained relationship.

On the other hand, Olivia had previously stated that Florence was a “power” at the conference. She commented on the rumours by adding, “As for all the constant tabloid gossip and all the noise out there, I mean, the internet feeds itself.”

According to information provided by the Hollywood Reporter, Olivia reacted further to such rumours by saying: “I don’t think it’s necessary for me to contribute. In my opinion, it receives an adequate amount of nourishment.”

Even though Florence was late for the press junket, she made it to the premiere, looking stunning in a dress designed by Valentino.

Fans called her “iconic” when she posted an “I’m here” announcement on Instagram while dressed in a royal purple ensemble.

On the red carpet, she was seen joking around, laughing with her co-star Chris, and cuddling up for a selfie with her fellow female cast members Gemma and Sydney.

However, it appeared that she, Harry, and Olivia – who showed up separately from her boyfriend – did not engage in any conversation during the episode.

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