Opinion: The Great Wasted Potential of CPAC – Jared Taylor

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CPAC is the yearly gathering of narcissists, and this year’s event was no exception. Many people expressed their admiration for America and claimed that it was the best country in the world, not just now but throughout history. In the next breath, there are dire warnings that the United States has fallen into the hands of those who wish to destroy it, and that unless we take on Joe Biden with all of our might, we will perish. “Take our country back,” as I’ve heard often, is the only way to secure the future.

It puzzled me how a country as great as the United States could be endangered by a president who, as I was constantly informed, is a senile imbecile. Why does it take so much work to save America if it is so great? Of course, this is a typical example of a political con: You can be the hero who saved America by digging deep into your money and helping to keep me in office.

At CPAC, as at any political gatherings, there was little doubt that there were con-men, but there was also patriotism. It was palpable not only in the crowd but also from the platform itself. In their clumsy way, they think they’re regaining control of the United States from the people who established it. In the face of a rapidly shifting America, those who go to Orlando and fork over $290 for a CPAC registration are clearly concerned enough to be concerned enough to attend. The problem is that no one will warn them that the America they believe they are reclaiming will be overrun by Mexicans, Chinese, Afghans, and Somalis.

Many in the audience decried our “open Southern border,” but they did so only as part of a laundry list of other Biden sins, such as mandatory vaccinations or a sluggish foreign policy. They did not criticize us specifically. There was not a single immigration-related panel or speech. There was a lot of vitriol aimed at “the woke Left,” but no mention of where it came from. Conservatives, as they’re always referred called, don’t know what they should be conserving. In my informal CPAC poll (detailed below), I learned that they had been psychologically neutered even before the real conflict begins.

CPAC resembles a cross between a concert and a pep rally in that it provides both entertainment and motivation. Music plays as speakers enter and exit the stage for 15-minute speeches that are interrupted by thumping disco music. Greetings to CPAC or, “Is this a wonderful meeting?” re common responses to greetings from those who are new to the event. In order to get the audience going, they throw out insults like, “Nancy Pelosi will have to get back on her broom and fly back to California” “The Prime Minister of Canada is now Fidel Castro’s son.” The boos ring out in the crowd. As long as the admiration for America is screamed loud enough, the crowd is equally as enthusiastic. This isn’t the kind of format that encourages deep thought.

I’d say that CPAC was primarily white and male, but there were a few pleasant-looking young women. The carelessly crude language shocked me. Democrats should be “kicked in the ass.” As a group, we’ve had enough of this “stuff.” Democrat “sucks,” etc. There are no questions from the audience for the speakers.

CPAC has a lot of big names. In a frantic CPAC style, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas declared that this was a war between freedom and tyranny Mask regulations and DOJ investigations of school parents are among his examples of tyranny. Yet “The strong are terrified of you. They’re frightened by your presence as they peer out of this window. When someone refuses to get vaccinated, it frightens them.” Cruz has a “Big government sucks” list of complaints. The world of big business is a horrible place. Much of Hollywood is a pitiful waste of time. Big colleges are a pain. Big tech is a pain in the**. Our adversary is enormous. Tech giants are being bribed by big government to keep their critics quiet. “We are bringing this country back from the loony socialist left, ” he declared, after shamelessly plugging his podcast. Brandon, let’s get this show on the road! The roar of “Let’s go, Brandon” from the crowd is contagious.

Using coded language, the Republican National Committee promotes itself.

Biden’s administration is even worse than feared, according to Sen. Josh Hawley, D-Mo. Two things happened: First, the FBI was put on the parents, and second, a border was opened. As stated, its goal is to “push critical race theory down our throats.” Afghanistan was left in a state of anarchy as a result. Democrats, he claimed, “think that this country is systemically racist.”

Americans take great pride in their past and history, despite the perception that it is corrupt and depraved. That’s what he stated he’d tell Joe Biden if asked for one piece of advice (I’m guessing something along the lines of “Be a white dude.”) “Open American energy production up to full throttle,” instead, was what we got. Putin will be placed on notice. By saying, “America is the strongest nation in history and it’s time we started behaving like it,” Sen. Hawley had the audience on their feet. It is said that “America is the world’s hope.”

During his first press conference as Trump’s Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo made light of how much weight he had dropped. There would never have been mask mandates for youngsters or millions of illegal border crossers or the collapse of Afghanistan or an attack on Ukraine if Trump had been in the White House. President Trump’s decision to transfer the Israeli Embassy to Jerusalem and shut down the Chinese consulate in Houston drew a lot of applause from the crowd (which was apparently a nest of spies).

Of the speakers that brought up the issue of corrupt and pro-criminal district attorneys, he was the only one who did so. As secretary of state, he was on target: “The biggest threat comes from within our nation. Those who claim that the United States is a racist country must be stopped,” “This is the greatest nation and culture on earth, and that isn’t going to change on my watch,” he said, promising to hold firm.

Trump’s Vice President Mike Pompeo at CPAC 2022 on February 25, 2022, in Orlando (Florida). Zach D Roberts / NurPhoto through ZUMA Press (Credit Image)

After President Trump pushed Jeff Sessions to resign, Matthew Whitaker took over as acting US Attorney General. Mr. Whitaker moderated a panel on crime and public safety, but he never once brought up the issue of race as a factor. The police were praised, but the local prosecutors on the panel seemed more liberal. One said, “Traditional techniques will not keep us safe, we will not be soft on crime, but we must be clever on crime.” “Programs” is the correct translation. Prisons cannot be used as treatment facilities for addicts and the insane.

Every prisoner should have his or her own individualized treatment plan. “We have to make them good citizens” because 90% of those who go to jail return. When a convict is released from jail, the only person he has left to greet him is his drug dealer, a prosecutor said. Society must do everything in its power to prevent another drug raid, which is the first step. Mr. Whitaker’s reference to a panel of “warriors for justice” was unsettling after all the social worker discourse.

Commentator Candace Owens, who is black, received the greatest applause of all the speakers. After slamming the “black-white supremacists,” she spent the rest of the time boasting about her own self-importance. She asserted, “I have changed and developed.” “I am more confident than I have ever been of who I am.” Because she’s become a mother, she has a new outlook on life. She told us about breastfeeding her son, and how she understands what each of his cries implies. ‘All of this culminated in the idea that parents should be the ones to make the decision about whether their children receive the vaccine or face masks: We’re told by the experts to believe them, but when it comes to my son, I’m the expert. ”

At CPAC, a large number of conservative media outlets set up shop and streamed live

Nigel Farage’s yelps were audible. After commending Florida’s Covid regulation, he went on to praise Australia and New Zealand’s restrictive policies. Among the many liberties for which he blasted, “Our forebears battled for our freedom,” he seemed to emphasize the absence of mandatory vaccinations. Putin “has nothing to fear” from the “worst president in American history,” he added, despite Britain’s status as our closest ally. Although the Russians are dangerous, the main danger comes from China. “Our universities have been converted into madrassas that encourage individuals to feel sorry for being white and worship an idol called Black Lives Matter,” as Mr. Farage put it.

“This is the battleground if we are going to save the Western culture.” He went on with a nonsensical remark: Taking back Congress, the Senate, and the White House is essential if you want to win this war. He scolded Republicans for claiming that the election had been rigged. He answered, “That’s backward-looking.” Having the best and cleanest election system possible necessitates a positive message. He screamed at the end: “You are the people’s army. In order for the United States to regain its place as the global leader of the free world, are you ready?

Kristi Noem, the governor of South Dakota, had nothing noteworthy to say, but her quiet dignity was a welcome respite from the clamor. She asserted that the Keystone XL pipeline and the accompanying massive drilling campaign will put Putin on notice. “Surging criminality that is disproportionately impacting minority families,” she added, was another target of her criticism of CRT. “The Left separates us based on our differences; conservatives unify us around our beliefs,” she continued. She was booed for her criticism of Prime Minister Trudeau’s treatment of truckers.

She revealed to us the state motto of South Dakota to our amazement. “The people reign under God.” Her adoration of the United States sounded more patriotic. ‘We have inherited the greatest legacy and we must fight for it,’ she added, and referenced revolutionary hero Henry Knox, saying, ‘We must talk about glory and romance.'” That she didn’t boast about being one of only two governors who refused to welcome Afghan refugees saddened me.

“Great nations don’t always last forever,” said Florida Senator Rick Scott. Hollowed out from the inside first That “the militant left side of our country” was “the greatest peril we have ever faced,” he said. In his words, “the enemy within,” who has “seized our culture and county,” is “the enemy within.”

In an interview, he remarked, “The woke Left is in charge of everything from big tech to media to Hollywood to universities to government.” To put it another way, “They want to put an end to America.” How? Socialism is one of the “oldest, dumbest and most discredited notions of the century, which is not only incorrect but evil,” he writes.

If we allow open borders, “the beginning of the demise of America” could be at hand, according to him. “Big changes” will be made in this sequence by Sen. Scott’s Plan to Rescue America: There will be a pledge and anthem for all students to stand and sing at the beginning of the school day.

Because “we are all in the image of God” and “ignorance is bliss,” we may abolish racial politics by ceasing to gather race statistics. As a result, we will label socialism as an enemy of the state. Finally, we have decided to discontinue purchasing from China. Only the ninth objective, “Build the wall and rename it after Donald Trump,” was mentioned. “Taking America back” is exactly what this “Plan to Rescue America” will do.

“America was built by geniuses and ruled by idiots,” said Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana. To quote the author, “I prefer not to discuss my pricey travel experiences, but this morning I had to stop at a petrol station.” Exercising improves one’s sex appeal. Alcohol, too, has the same effect. Governments that say you can’t own a gun should buy two. However, “by God, you can vote stupidity out,” says the narrator. “Love is the answer, but you should have a revolver just in case,” a friend once told me. “Souls have no color,” he said, referring to Trump’s low jobless statistics for blacks and Hispanics.

Some of your points were well-made. The working class’s hatred of the Democrats was described by a panel of experts: Because the Democrats despise the middle class and lower class. In a moment of clarity, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz declared that all illegal immigrants should be hunted out and deported, just as the January 6 rioters had been. According to Julie Kelly, who wrote about the January 6 events, she was enraged that Antifa were free while those who had marched through the Capitol were locked up. There are 14,000 hours of security footage that the feds refuse to hand over, she added.

CPAC, on the other hand, was largely foreseeable.

Ohio Senate candidate Josh Mandel has pledged that if elected, he will make judgments based on the Bible and the Constitution. The National Rifle Association’s Wayne LaPierre declared, “The right to defend oneself is your most precious right.” When T. W. Shannon, an African-American state representative from Oklahoma, declared, “America is not the home of systemic racism, it is the home of systemic opportunity,” he was greeted with cheers from appreciative whites. Other speakers, including an African-American woman, were given standing ovations for their enthusiastic support of free markets.

In Orlando, Florida, on the first day of the 2022 Conservative Political Action Conference, Wayne LaPierre addressed the audience.

This was Donald Trump’s longest and most anticipated address to far, and Gregory Hood has done an excellent job of summarising it here. “Millions of immigrants,” he said, “are bringing crime, drugs, and death to the streets of our towns and villages.” “Western civilization” is a term he used, but he didn’t describe its most important component. Is he aware that Western civilisation cannot continue without white people?

Exhibitors were cashing in on Donald Trump’s popularity.

People were buttonholed in the hall and I conducted an unscientific survey of three yes-or-no questions: “Do you believe that the United States is the greatest country in the world?”

Is America A Better Place Because Of Its Diversity?

Whites are predicted to become the minority in the United States in the next 20 years. Is that something to be happy about? Is intellect innately and statistically equal among members of all racial groups?

The 45 persons I spoke to were all eager to share their thoughts, and no one turned them down. It was only two people, and I explained myself to them both. I made myself available to anyone who requested additional information. As an example, “Race, religion, language, that type of thing” would be what I would say if someone inquired about diversity. Everyone’s answers, even if they were conflicting, weren’t pressed for an explanation by me. However, no one screamed or phoned the police when I asked them questions.

Nobody seemed frightened or evasive when they answered my questions, so I’m confident they were telling the truth. Whites becoming a minority stumped the majority of the persons who spoke at the event. Most of the participants acted as if they had never contemplated that, and it was the one that received the most responses of either indifference or denial.

All of the responses I received were from white men and women of all ages. A perfect score was clearly three “No” answers. Ask yourself now how many of the 45 people got all three questions correct. CPAC had a much more “radical” basis than I expected, but I was surprised that just three persons received a perfect score. There were a few close calls.  Older women favored racial segregation, while young men opposed it, both of whom believed in the virtues of racial equality. Strange.

Complete results can be seen here.

  • Diversity is beneficial? 35 yes, 3 don’t know, no.
  • Is it a good thing that white people make up the majority? Yes: 7,18 don’t know, 20 any.
  • Is there equality between races? Some 35 yes, 2 no, and 8 no.

Since they have been repeatedly told that variety is beneficial, even CPACers believe it, at least in theory. There is a common belief that blacks and white people have the same intelligence. Only seven participants — just 16% — indicated that whites would be better off as a minority, while 20 — 44% — said they would be worse off. There were only 18 people who would not say, thus it’s safe to assume that the majority of whites at CPAC are opposed to The Great Replacement.

This is unquestionably a major factor contributing to the strong support for border control among CPAC members. Participants are polled each year at the conference, and the results are given as percentages, to determine what they consider to be the most critical concerns (each person could choose three).

Election Integrity came out on top, while Immigration/Border Wall came in a close second. It’s evident that nearly half of the CPAC attendees believe it’s essential. A final note: Racial inequity is dead last, with only one percent of Americans affected.

In a phone call that went mostly unreported back home, Donald Trump spent 45 minutes praising and encouraging one of the leading candidates in France’s presidential election. In Eric Zemmour’s case, it was all about delaying the Great Replacement.

Many of Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters at CPAC do not want their seats to be taken away. To find out if Mr. Trump has what it takes to take hold of an extremely potent political weapon that is waiting for him, we must wait no longer.

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