Our Team

Kate is Pop Top News’ Publisher. She’s been a writer/editor for the California Examiner and Leedaily. Kate has covered entertainment for almost a decade. She has covered significant films and TV series, but her specializations are intellectual adaptations and psychological plays. In 2022, she began to compose for Static Media’s Scripting and Editorial Departments. She evaluates Movies, TV shows, and Online Streaming for Pop Top News at Static Media.

Ankit Chugh is a highly skilled editor and journalist, with years of experience in the media industry. He currently serves as the editor of Pop Top News, a leading online news platform that covers a wide range of topics including politics, entertainment, business, sports, and more. With his exceptional editorial skills, Ankit ensures that every piece of content published on Pop Top News is accurate, informative, and engaging for the readers. He is a true professional who is passionate about delivering high-quality journalism and keeping his audience informed about the latest news and trends.

Steve Martin is a Senior Editor and Graphics Designer for Pop Top News. As early as the age of seven, Steve Martin began devouring and collecting works of horror and science fiction.
His career as a film critic spans over two decades, during which time he has interviewed such industry heavyweights as Steven Spielberg, Christopher Nolan, and Kevin Feige.
 Rose is a Senior Editor for Pop Top News. Rose’s primary area of expertise is television, and her all-time favourite shows include “Game of Thrones” (before it went off the deep end), “Lost,” “Breaking Bad,” and every reality competition show ever created. She also makes it a point to watch every Oscar-nominated picture each year and is completely enamoured with the MCU. Rose is a seasoned editor with expertise in fields beyond the realm of popular culture, including travel, food, and drink.

Rosilla is an Editor and SEO expert for Pop Top News. She has edited and written for a variety of publications. She loves movies so much that she studied them in school. Rosilla has edited and fact-checked for a variety of online outfits. She is also a fiction writer whose work has appeared in Leedaily, Works Progress, and elsewhere. She helmed Pop Top in 2022 as an Editor and is now an associate editor at Nogmagazine.
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