Paul Simon Wife: How Many Times Did He Marry?

One of the most well-known singers and musicians of all time is Paul Simon. He has long been praised for his work, both with Art Garfunkel in Simon And Garfunkel and on his own. The 81-year-old Graceland vocalist has performed in a variety of musical genres and has received 16 Grammy Awards.

His most popular songs, like “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover,” were inspired by his romantic relationships. Paul has been wed three times, and he and Edie Brickell have been together since 1992. You can read more about each of Paul’s relationships right here.

Paul Simon Wife

Edie Brickell

Paul and his 56-year-old wife Edie have been together since 1992. His current union is his oldest. The singer-songwriter Edie is similar to the lead character in “The Sound of Silence.” With her band New Bohemians and independently, she has released nine records.

The bands The Heavy Circles and The Gadabouts are only two of the musical endeavors in which she has taken part. She and renowned comedian Steve Martin collaborated on the 2013 album Love Has Come For You.

Paul Simon Wife

She and him once more collaborated to create the music for the Broadway production of Bright Star. Adrian, 30, Lulu, 27, and Gabriel, 24, are Paul and Edie’s three children. Adrian and Edie have been married for 30 years.

The longest-lasting marriage, albeit not the easiest, is Paul’s to her. Both were detained in their Connecticut home in 2014 for acting impolitely. According to The Guardian, each person received a summons for a misdemeanor. Although there was a difficulty, it appears like the couple resolved it and is still together.

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Carrie Fisher

After seeing Shelley Duvall for a while, Paul began dating her friend Carrie Fisher, and the two eventually got married in 1983. From the end of the 1970s until the start of the 1980s, the Star Wars actress, who passed away in 2016 at the age of 60, had sporadic relationships with Paul.

It was obvious that they were still in love with one other despite their frequent breakups. “We still value our relationship greatly. There is no one else like Carrie. She possesses one of the funniest and sharpest minds I know. Paul stated in InStyle and People that she is “completely one of a kind.”

A few weeks after their 1983 breakup, the couple reconciled. This time, they got married in New York, and George Lucas, Christie Brinkley, Billy Joel, and Lorne Michaels all attended. They split up once more in 1984, but they quickly reconciled and continued dating till the decade’s end.

 Shelley Duvall

Paul dated 73-year-old Annie Hall actress Shelley Duvall before he met Carrie. From 1976 until 1977, they lived together. The couple’s on-and-off romance began in the 1970s, but nothing is known about it other than the rumor that Shelley was the one who put Paul in touch with the Star Wars actor.

Paul married Peggy Harper in 1969. They welcomed Harper Simon, Paul’s most well-known son and a composer, in 1971. Harper has reached the age of 50. The time they spent together inspired him much, even if they ultimately divorced in 1975.

He specifically names himself and Peggy in the 1972 song “Run That Body Down”. A year after the split, the theme “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” became popular. Paul penned the 1983 song “Train in the Distance” about their affair, years after they split up.

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