PC Richards Credit Card Login Details, Payment Methods ,and Customer Services Information

PC Richards Credit Card Login: P.C. Richards has the greatest mattresses and electronics. P.C. Richards Credit Card may save you money. Due to its distinct perks, the P.C. Richards Credit Card is worth considering. P.C. Richards Cardholders receive presales and discounts without an annual charge.

Managing Your Money Via the Web

Waiting in line to make a credit card payment or withdraw cash might potentially prove difficult. If this describes you, then credit cards can be a lifesaver. Thanks to the convenience of online credit card payment, you may avoid making many trips to the bank to withdraw cash to pay for your purchases at P.C. Richards & Son. Also, credit card bills may be paid with a few clicks on your smartphone screen.

If you have a P.C. Richard’s online account, you may easily track your transactions, make timely payments on your credit card statement, and view updated promotional offers. Here are the steps you need to do to apply for a PC Richard credit card.

  • Visit the P.C. Richards credit card administration webpage.
  • Select the Check Out button to finish your application. A form to fill out will show up.
  • Include your full name, phone number, email address, the last four digits of your Social Security number, and your banking details.
  • Simply hit the Next button to proceed.
  • Please read the terms and conditions and choose those that apply.
  • All that’s left to do is hit the “Submit Application” button.

PC Richards Credit Card Login Details

Here are the measures you need to take to pay with your P.C. Richards credit card online:

  • Visit the P.C. Richards credit card administration webpage.
  • Use the website’s Login button, located in the top right corner.
  • Please provide your login information on the next page.
  • All you have to do is click the login button.

Register Online

If you haven’t already, here’s what you need to do to sign up for a P.C. Richards Credit Card account online:

  • Visit the P.C. Richards credit card administration webpage.
  • Use the website’s Login button, located in the top right corner.
  • Select I Want to Register underneath the Login area.
  • Your Account Number, Birthday, and the Last 4 Digits of Your Social Security Number will be asked for on the next page.
  • Simply hit the Next button to proceed.
  • If you have an account with Synchrony Bank, the bank will check your email or mobile phone number to ensure your identification.
  • Once your identity has been confirmed, you may create a Username and Password to access the system.

Forgot Username

Step 1:  Go to the login page

  • Check out the PC Richards Credit Card webpage. You may find the link in the “Login” area up top.
  • A Login button should appear in the upper right corner of the webpage.

Step 2: Go straight to the Password Recovery page

To retrieve a forgotten username, follow the steps below and click the “I forgot my User Name” link that may be found just below the “Log In” button.

Step 3: Validate your account

To validate your identity and access your account, the directed page requires the following data:

  • Indicated by the last four digits of the Social Security number
  • The Individual’s Birth Date
  • The next step is to hit the “Continue” button when you’ve finished filling out the form.
  • The information below is needed by the directed page to verify your identity and grant you access to your account.
  • According to the final four numbers of the SSN
  • Date of Birth of Person in Question

After finishing the form, click the “Continue” option to proceed.

pc richards credit card login

Forgot Password

Step 1: Open the page to reset your password

  • To learn more about the PC Richards Credit Card, visit their site. You may find the URL under the “Login” section of the website.
  • To reset your password, go to the login page, click the “Log In” button in the top right corner, and then click the “I forgot my Password” link.

Step 2: Verify your identity

On the page you’ve been sent to, please input the following data to verify your account:

  • Last 4 of SSN Username
  • The Individual’s Birth Date
  • Click the “Continue” button once you’ve finished entering your information.
  • Continue to follow the on-screen instructions until you have successfully passed the verification steps. Then, you’ll be sent to the password-creation page.

PC Richards Credit Card Payment methods

P.C. Richard & Son provides four simple methods for paying your P.C. Richard & Son Credit Card bill.

Pay Online

It is suggested that you enroll in the online credit card management service offered by Synchrony Financials. You may use this service to make a one-time payment whenever it’s convenient or to establish a schedule of automatic payments to ensure that you always meet your financial commitments.

You may use this service to check your balance, see how much credit you have left, and more. To make a credit card payment to P.C. Richard and Son and sign in, enroll, check your statement, or manage your account online, click the “Login Here” button below. The PC Richards and Son credit card is issued by Synchrony Financial.

Pay Via Phone

To make a credit card payment to PC Richard and Son, call 1-877-800-4727.

Pay By Mail

Make sure to provide PC Richard and Son’s account numbers on all future payments. The statement will provide the account number. To ensure that PC Richard and Son receives your payment by the due date shown on your periodic billing statement, it is recommended that you submit your payment at least five working days in advance of that date.

Credit card payments can be sent to PC Richard and Son at the following address:

P.C. Richard / Synchrony Financial
P.O. Box 960061
Orlando, FL 32896-0061

Pay In Store

Visit a local branch of PC Richard & Son and pay your bill in person using cash or a check by presenting your statement.

Customer Services Contact

To make a payment or get more information, call 1-877-800-4727 for the P.C. Richard / Synchrony Bank credit card customer service line.

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