Does PGA Tour 2k23 Support Online Play Against Other Players?

Tiger Woods is returning to golf video games as the cover athlete for HB Studios’ latest iteration of the PGA Tour 2K franchise, PGA Tour 2K23, which brings simulation golf to next-gen consoles. However, Woods isn’t the only major addition; PGA Tour 2K23 also has a number of new modes and refinements to existing ones that give the game a distinct personality from its predecessors.

Fans of the sport have always been interested in simulating the PGA season in video games, and in PGA Tour 2K23 they get a solid representation of the season and its most recognizable tournaments. PGA Tour 2K23 will ship with twenty officially licensed courses, including TPS Scottsdale, TPC Sawgrass, and Bay Hill; other courses, like as Pebble Beach, will be available as free downloadable content after the game’s first release.

Does PGA Tour 2k23 Support Online Play Against Other Players?

While PGA Tour 2K23 did ship with online play, it lacked the capacity to compete with other platforms’ offerings. In the new year of 2023, that will shift.

The cross-play feature is confirmed for PGA Tour 2K23. The development team’s January 11 release of the Season 2 Clubhouse Report verified this.

On January 13, cross-play and rated online play—both features absent from PGA Tour 2K23 at launch—will be added. Now that they’ve been given the green light, both can join the fray, expanding 2K23’s appeal to golf fans.

It has been confirmed by the development team that users will be able to compete against others using different platforms. The designers have stated that room codes will be required for cross-play. Players looking to team up with their pals in 2K23 will need to use room codes, thus the developers are merely expanding on this function.

The PGA Tour 2K23 is the latest sports game to support crossplay. A number of sports video games, including MLB The Show, NHL, and FIFA, have implemented this in recent years, but others have not. It’s fantastic to see 2K staying competitive in the online gaming space as more and more games make the transition. To know what is new in the 23rd edition of the PGA Tour keep reading.

What New In The 23rd Edition of The PGA Tour?

What New In The 23rd Edition of The PGA Tour


Topgolf, a prominent golf attraction, is making its first foray into video games with PGA Tour 2K23, with the game’s flagship Las Vegas site serving as the course. Topgolf’s arcade mode has players alternating shots and scoring as many points as possible, with bonus points provided based on how close or far away the ball lands from the pin. You can play Topgolf online versus a computer or up to three other people.

New sports games always include a variety of notable athletes, and PGA Tour 2K23 is no exception. In addition to the 14 PGA and LPGA pros already announced for the game, NBA 2K23 crossovers Michael Jordan and Stephen Curry are playable pros in PGA Tour 2K23 as well. Early adopter fans can unlock Michael Jordan as a pre-order bonus, while Curry will be made available as downloadable content after the game’s first release. Is any Season 2 for PGA Tour 2K23, to know this read the next paragraph.

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Long Drives, Difficult Courses, And Crossplay Are In PGA Tour 2K23 Season 2

Almost three months after its first release, PGA Tour 2K23 has come to the end of its inaugural season. On Friday, a new season will begin in its stead, and early reports indicate that it will have an excellent amount of new material. In addition to the new courses and equipment, 2K23 will also bring two online features that should improve the game for players.

A number of new courses will be available in PGA Tour 2K23. Pebble Beach, one of the best public courses in the United States, will be included in the upcoming version. Later this week, Pebble Beach will be joined by Payne’s Valley, also in Missouri.

Online modes will be updated in PGA Tour 2K23, according to the most recent Clubhouse Report. The development team mentioned in their report that the next Season 2 update will include ranked online play. Before this update, the only online play options were Societies and random matchmaking. In our 2K23 review, we said that this was something we wished had been included, so we’re excited to see it make its way into the final product.

Players on a variety of systems will be able to compete with one another in PGA Tour 2K23. As part of the upcoming patch, cross-play functionality will be implemented. As noted in the report, developers have claimed that 2K23 owners will be able to use room codes to play against their friends and other players on other platforms.

Season 2 Clubhouse Pass sets will be distributed as well. Items like an Under Armour Utility Vest and Aurora Polo, as well as a Callaway Great Big Bertha Driver, are making their way into the game.

The second season premiere is set for January 13. The NBA 2K23 season premieres on the same day, so it’s not like this is the only 2K game getting an update.

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