Police In Barstow Are Looking Into A Video Showing An Officer Striking A Guy With A Baton

The Barstow Police Department announced that it was looking into the incident after a video surfaced showing an officer striking a guy with a baton even as the victim was falling to the ground, according to authorities.

During the course of the video, which was provided to Fox 11, an officer swings the baton as the man steps backwards before he eventually drops to the ground. The officer appears to strike at the man three more times after he has fallen to the ground.

In a statement on Facebook, the Police Department stated that it was “aware that a resident captured a portion of this incident on video.” Police stated that they had a copy of the video and will look into the matter to see if the officer’s use of force was authorized under policy and the law at the time.

Gary Christian, who they claimed was wanted “for an outstanding felony, no bail probation violation warrant,” was seen by an officer in the 1200 block of East Main Street at around 4 o’clock, according to the police.

Police claimed that when the officer attempted to arrest Christian, he “refused to comply with the officer’s orders and physically assaulted the officer.” According to the police, the officer then used his ineffectual Taser.

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Christian continued to physically assault the officer, prompting the latter to use his baton, according to the police. “While trying to arrest Christian, the officer struck him with his baton.”

Police say that after more cops arrived, Christian was taken into jail.

The person who recorded the video, Melissa Navarrete, told Fox 11 that she and her buddy had not witnessed the deployment of a Taser and claimed that Christian “wasn’t resisting.”

Navarrete told the site, “The guy had his hands up and he’s moving backward, like he’s not trying to fight the cop.” “He’s not trying to resist anything…. [H]e’s just moving, and the cop is just swinging and swinging.”

According to authorities, Christian, 43, was treated at a hospital for minor abrasions and contusions to his right leg. He was taken into custody on suspicion of resisting arrest and having an active criminal warrant.

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