Possible Missing Woman Body Discovered In Pond

According to a press release issued by the Des Moines Police Department, the corpse of a lady who had been reported missing was possibly located in a pond in the city of Clive.

Joann Stone, 48, was reported missing on Saturday by the West Des Moines, Iowa, police department. She was last seen in West Des Moines early on Friday morning.

On Twitter, the department stated that she was now at a medical facility and that she did not have any of her personal possessions or her vehicle with her at that time.

The dead corpse was discovered on the 12400 block of Woodlands Parkway at about 3:45 in the afternoon.

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According to the announcement, the individual is thought to be Stone, but the Polk County medical examiner will make a conclusive identification as well as determine the cause of death and the way in which it occurred.

According to the announcement, a preliminary investigation revealed no indication of a crime having been committed.

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