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Pottery Barn Credit Card Login: Payment Methods And Customer Service Complete Guide

Pottery Barn Credit Card Login

Pottery Barn Credit Card Login

There is a Pottery Barn furniture retail chain in America. The company has retail outlets in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, the Philippines, and Australia.

Pottery Barn not only sells furniture and home decor, but it also offers wonderful bonuses for each purchase. Customers of Pottery Barn can go into their online account services to view their rewards, find out about the newest discounts, and monitor their credit card usage.

Pottery Barn has consistently been one of the best and most well-known brands for home furnishings. Given that the company caters to many age groups within a family, many people are drawn to its distinctive design. In addition to the standard Pottery Barn brand, there are Pottery Barn Kids for the youngest members of the family.

How to Login Pottery Barn Credit Card on the website?

Step 1: Open your browser

Launch your chosen web browser and open a new tab. For any monetary transactions, we recommend that you use a reliable and widely used internet browser, such as Chrome for Windows or Safari for Apple devices. Also, read about Venus Credit Card

Step 2: Go to Pottery Barn Credit Card

Go to the official website of Pottery Barn Credit Card by this link, then click the sign-in button.

Step 3: Enter your information account

Enter your required information:

Step 4: Finished Login

Click the Sign in button to complete. Make sure that your information is correct, you will be successfully logged in to the page

How to recover the Username/Password Pottery Barn Credit Card?

Step 1: Go to reset page

On the login page, click Forgot Username/Password button to recover your login

Step 2: Enter the required information 

Enter the required information to recover login:

Step 3: Finished Recover

Click the Find my account button to complete. Make sure that your information is correct

How to Sign up for Pottery Barn Credit Card account?

Step 1: Go to the register page

Click register now on the homepage to create your account.

Step 2: Enter your information account

Step 3: Finished Register

Click the Find my account button to complete. Your request to create a new account should be acknowledged through email. If there are any additional instructions in this email, follow them until you can access your online account.

How to Make a payment for Pottery Barn Credit Card account?

Online, over the phone, or by mail, you can make a Pottery Barn credit card payment. You also have the choice of signing up for the online account service or visiting your nearby store to pay at the customer service counter to pay your Pottery Barn credit card payment.

Pay by Phone

Call 1-866-234-2029 is the phone number for Pottery Barn credit card payments. Paying by phone may incur a cost of up to $15.

Pay Online

After creating an online account, you can update your personal information, keep tabs on your expenditure, and make payments for bills. When paying a bill, you have the option of setting up a monthly payment schedule, a payment for a future date, or an instant transfer.

To make payments, you must have an active US checking account. Click the green “Online Payment” button below to log in, sign up, read your statement, or manage your account online to make a Pottery Barn credit card payment online. Also, read about Fit Credit Card

Mail Payment

Pottery Barn Credit Card, P.O. Box 659705, San Antonio, TX 78265-9705 is the postal address for Pottery Barn credit card payments. On your check, please write down your Pottery Barn account number.

Your statement includes your account number. It is advised that you mail your payment at least 5 working days before the deadline indicated on your monthly billing statement in order to guarantee that it reaches Pottery Barn on time.

Pay in Store

You are currently unable to pay with your Pottery Barn credit card in-store. Comenity Bank is the company that issues Pottery Barn’s credit card.

Customer service for Pottery Barn Credit Card Login

The customer support number for your Pottery Barn credit card is 1-866-234-2029. There are several ways to reach customer service available here, including an online “ask a question” service.

Contact by Mail

Credit Card Payment Address

Capital One / Pottery Barn Credit Card
PO Box 71083
Charlotte, NC 28272-1083

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