Problems With the Screen On Your iPhone 14 Pro? A Fix Is On The Way From Apple.

Problems With the Screen On Your iPhone 14 Pro? A Fix Is On The Way From Apple: Last month, a few Apple iPhone 14 Pro owners complained that the display was showing horizontal lines. Apple has acknowledged the problem and stated that a solution is in development. MacRumors claims the business will soon roll out an update to address this issue.

Users of the Apple iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max in December 2022 reported seeing green and yellow horizontal lines on their screens. Users reported the display issue occurred after powering on the device. However, back then, nobody could say for sure if the issue was software- or hardware-related.

According to the article, though, Apple is aware of the issue and is working on a fix to release soon. “Some users of the iPhone 14 Pro have reported seeing horizontal lines flash across the screen upon startup or unlock. The message states that Apple is aware of the problem and that a software update will soon be released to fix it.

The Cupertino firm is now beta-testing the next version of its operating system. The business may address the issue with the iPhone 14 Pro’s screen with iOS 16.3. The update will likely be released by Apple very shortly.

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