R Kelly Net Worth :How He Lost His Money? (Updated 2022)

He followed his rapping throughout his born place and today he is known for being one of the best singers and songwriters of all time with songs including the likes of “I Believe I Can Fly” and “Ignition”. Recent news came to highlight when R. Kelly released a new 19-minute song, explaining how he was broken in that he describe his personal life.

Kelly has sold over 75 million albums worldwide, making him the most successful R&B male musician of the 1990s and one of the best-selling music artists in the world. He formed a group with his friends “MGM” (Musically Gifted Men” in 1989. MGM recorded and released their debut single “Why You Wanna Play With Me”. Kelly signed with Jive Records in 1991 and pursued his singing career after that.

Kelly’s mother named  Joanne was the best singer. Kelly’s father was missing befor his birth that’s why his mother alimentation him and his three siblings alone. Kelly entered Kenwood Academy where he performed a song by Stevie Wonder, and after that, he started to perform on the streets of Chicago.

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R. Kelly Biography Info-

Here we have given a table in which we have provided some of his details that you must check.

Net worth  $150 Million US Dollars
Place of Birth United States
Born January 8, 1967
Full name
Robert Sylvester Kelly
Spouse Andrea Kelly, Aaliyah
Movies R. Kelly Live! The Light It Up Tour, MORE
Age 53 years old
Nationality American
Jah Kelly, Robert Kelly Jr., Joann Kelly
Occupation Singer
1.85 m
Education Kenwood Academy High School

Robert Kelly’s Net Worth: Awards And Album

Here are some of the best fact highlights of R Kelly’s career:

  • Billboard Awards (Number One R&B Producer, 1994)
  • Grammy Award (Best R&B song “I Believe I Can Fly”, 1998)
  • BET Awards (Best Male R&B Artist, 2003)
  • R Kelly (Album, 1995)
  • Soulacoaster: The Diary of Me (Autobiography, 2012)
  • “Ignition” (Song, 2003)
  • “I Believe I Can Fly” (Song, 1993)
  • “Bump n’ Grind” (Song, 1993)
R. Kelly Net Worth
R. Kelly’s Net Worth

Robert Kelly’s Net Worth And Career

Net Worth

Kelly secretly married Aaliyah in 1994, however, the marriage was subsequently dissolved. In 1996, he married dancer Andrea Lee, with whom he had three children until separating in 2009. As reported by Celebrity Net Worth, Kelly’s current net worth is -$2million. At the peak of his career, it is estimated that Kelly was worth around $100million. In 2020, it was revealed that Kelly owes over $1.9million to the IRS.


In his storied career, R. Kelly has managed to sell over 75 million records worldwide, ranking him among the most successful R&B male artists of the 90s and one of the best-selling musicians in the world. He is the 56th best-selling artist in the USA with over 32 million album sales, implying his earnings to be around $30 million. He was considered by Billboard to be the top R&B/hip-hop artist from 1985 – to 2010. Additionally, he also directed many of his music videos and played the lead role in “Trapped in the Closet”, a series that he wrote, directed and produced.


Robert Kelly Net Worth: How He Lost His Money?

R. Kelly’s net worth might have easily surpassed $50-100 million if he had never been concerned about any legal problems. Kelly is said to have spent tens of millions of dollars to settle scores of cases filed by women who claimed the singer molested them. Kelly allegedly lost a notable piece of his worth after divorcing Andrea Lee, his wife from 1996 to 2009, the most beneficial years of his career.

Kelly owes $5 million in overdue taxes stretching back seven years, it was founded in 2012. He lost his Chicago house to foreclosure in 2013 after failing to pay his mortgage since 2010. He was evicted from two Atlanta-area properties in 2018 after failing to pay over $30,000 in unpaid rent and fees. He was residing in a leased condo in Chicago’s Trump Tower in recent years.

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