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Who is Rachel Mcadams Husband Jamie Linden? They Have Been Dating Since 2016

Rachel Mcadams Husband Jamie Linden

Rachel Mcadams Husband Jamie Linden

Rachel McAdams is an actor who has demonstrated she can play a wide variety of roles, from comedies like Mean Girls and The Notebook to action pictures like Doctor Strange and its sequel.

And considering how believable Rachel is as a married parent in Are You There God? Naturally, viewers of It’s Me, Margaret have wondered if Rachel is married and has children of her own.

Find out here what you need to know.

Rachel Mcadams Husband Jamie Linden

Although Rachel McAdams prefers to keep her private life under wraps, her long-term partner Jamie Linden has already achieved considerable success in the film industry.

The We Are Marshall director and the Doctor Strange actress were originally linked romantically in May 2016, although they have kept a low profile throughout their relationship. Neither Linden nor McAdams has confirmed nor denied their connection publicly, and the two are rarely seen in public together.

Rachel Mcadams and Jamie Linden Have Been Dating Since 2016

Rachel McAdams was invited to a wedding by Jamie Linden in 2016. What happened afterward is ancient history. To quote Rachel McAdams from “The Notebook”: “I just wanted to be with someone creative.” That person was Linden, a storyteller from Florida.

The actor also discussed their time spent in quarantine with their kid, who was just two years old when the pandemic hit, during hour four of a COVID-19 Stream-a-thon in 2020. We’re in the country, so there’s a small farm not too far away.

She went on to say that they had established a little garden so that they could go and visit the animals. We’d say it’s rather picturesque. She was seen expecting the couple’s second child later that year.

Rachel McAdams’ long-term lover has written the scripts for a number of movies, including “Dear John,” “Year 10,” “We Are Marshall,” and “Money Monster,” each of which starred McAdams. After finishing up at Florida State University, Linden and some buddies took off for California, where he ended up landing a guest appearance on “The Price is Right.”

“I won $5,000 and a Tuscan wine server cart,” he said during a 2016 FSU seminar. He lingered in California after his extraordinary run of good fortune, taking jobs on film sets and writing in his spare time. For pupils, he has this piece of wisdom: “What you want to do, finds you.” It’s as easy as that.

Has Rachel Mcadams Ever Been a Wife?

Rachel wasn’t previously married to Ryan Gosling, her co-star in The Notebook, despite widespread perception otherwise. The Irish Mirror said that the two A-listers dated for two years (from 2005 to 2007), but broke up because of their hectic schedules and their differing opinions on whether or not to start a family.

Although Ryan had nothing but praise for Rachel, he did say this about The Notebook in 2007: “God bless The Notebook” (GQ, via The Irish Mirror). One of my greatest joys in life was found through this book. However, it’s unfair to compare Rachel and I to the characters in that film. The story of Rachel and my love is far more romantic than that.

Jamie Linden Also Dated Zooey Deschanel

Jamie Linden dated fellow rom-com actress Zooey Deschanel before his 2016 marriage to Rachel McAdams. From 2012 to 2014, the couple was together. An unnamed source told US Weekly, “He’s funny, and a little geeky… he’s into her!” But fate had other plans, and the “New Girl” star is currently in a happy relationship with Property Brothers contestant Jonathan Scott.

McAdams had her share of high-profile relationships, too. Star of “Barbie” Ryan Gosling was her high-profile ex-boyfriend after they met while playing lovers opposite one other in “The Notebook.”

The former scene partners had a genuine enemies-to-lovers journey once production concluded, despite their rocky beginnings. People who think Rachel and I are like the characters in the movie are misinformed.

Gosling famously told GQ in 2007 that his “love story with Rachel is a hell of a lot more romantic than that.” McAdams has also been romantically linked to Michael Sheen and Josh Lucas, and there were allegations that she dated Jake Gyllenhaal.

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