Ranking Of Kings Season 2 Potential Release Date, Cast, Story, And Expectations

At the end of 2021, out of nowhere, Ranking of Kings captivated anime lovers with its gorgeous euro-fantasy aesthetic and deliciously empowering story about a young deaf Prince.

To be perfectly honest, the first season of the show was a masterwork of contemporary anime scripting. Over the course of 23 episodes, it kept viewers guessing with a brilliant, subversive narrative about heroism (and what heroes look like). Furthermore, its beauty cannot be denied.

But now that the first season is behind us, what does the show’s future hold?

We don’t know when we’ll get to see more of the Ranking of Kings kings, but we do know that in 2023, there will be a “special episode.”

Ranking Of Kings Season 2 Potential Release Date

Assuming a full second season is greenlit, when can fans of the show look forward to seeing their favorite boy-king again? The time it took to obtain the first batch of episodes is the best indicator of how long it will take before we get the rest.

Part 1 of the Ranking of Kings anime adapted the first 12 volumes (a total of 156 chapters) of the original manga.

Although author Ssuke Tka began penning the series in 2017, the first volume did not come out until February 2019; the twelfth volume was published in December 2018. To compose enough for the current adaption would have taken Tka at least three years.

Volume #13, which marks the beginning of Part 2, will be released in accordance with the standard release schedule of a new volume every four months. For those of you keeping track, there are a total of 191 chapters in Ranking of Kings thus far.

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If the timeline holds, fans will have to wait around 2.5 years for Bojji to have accumulated enough adventure material for a second season of the anime. If we’re being hopeful and season two is approved, it won’t premiere until the end of 2024 at the earliest. If WIT Studios opts to make another 12-episode season, we could see this sooner. We’ll know for sure after the April 2023 airing of Treasure Chest of Courage.

Ranking Of Kings Cast

• Prince Bojji – Minami Hinata (Japanese) / Emily Fajardo (English)
• Kage – Ayumu Murase (Japanese) / SungWon Cho (English)
• Queen Hilling – Rina Satō (Japanese) / Luci Christian (English)
• Daida – Yûki Kaji (Japanese) / Justin Briner (English)
• Miranjo – Maaya Sakamoto (Japanese) / Brianna Roberts (English)
• Domas – Takuya Eguchi (Japanese) / A. J. Locascio (English)
• Dorshe – Hinata Tadokoro (Japanese) / Brent Mukai (English)
• Apeas – Hiroki Yasumoto (Japanese) / Luis Bermudez (English)
• Bebin – Yōji Ueda (Japanese) / Christopher Wehkamp (English)
• Despa – Takahiro Sakurai (Japanese) / Christopher R. Sabat (English)
• King Desha – Yoshimitsu Shimoyama (Japanese) / Gabe Kunda (English)
• King Bosse – Kenta Miyake (Japanese) / Cris George (English)

Ranking Of Kings Story

Ranking Of Kings Story

The manga and anime take place in a universe where a shadowy committee evaluates the strength and wealth of kings on behalf of a race of all-powerful beings simply called “Gods.” Getting to the top of the Ranking of Kings and winning the right to access the ‘Divine Treasure Vault’ is the story’s main motivation.

The plot follows the exploits of Bojji, a prince who is both deaf and little in stature due to his premature birth; and Kage, the sole survivor of an assassin clan who can interpret the little prince’s mangled speech.

King Bosse, the father of Bojji, was a legendary enormous warrior and the world’s strongest man in his day. Just before he passed away, King Bosse recognized Bojji as his rightful successor. People in the kingdom become resentful of Bojji because they believe he is physically unable to rule.

The royal court generally agrees that Bojji’s younger, more arrogant, and healthier half-brother Prince Daida is the better choice for king.

Bojji has a great heart and hopes to one day rule with the same authority and respect as his father, the king, despite the fact that he is constantly mocked and mockers.

Bojji’s opponents were able to unseat him as heir to the kingdom thanks to the plots of Bosse’s widow and Daida’s mother, Queen Hilling. The young prince shrugs it aside and asks merely to be permitted to embark on a voyage to build himself up.

They have no idea that Prince Daida is under the sway of a shadowy entity bent on elevating him to the apex of the Ranking of Kings and giving him access to the Divine Treasure Vault’s riches.

Ranking Of Kings OVA and Season 2 Expectations

An original plot, not seen in the first season and not present in the manga, will be shown in the next special (yet). Fans are ready for more Bojji and Kage, and their discoveries, thus the premise is interesting.

The main image depicts the characters cracking open a golden chest, which represents the Treasure Chest of Courage. Bojji and Kage will undoubtedly face difficulties and tests in their quest to acquire the eponymous chest.

As author Sousuke Tooka continues to create the manga, fans may have to wait a while longer to find out what will happen in the official second season of the anime.

Part 2 will likely focus more on the globe at large, particularly the mysterious organization ranking the kings after Part 1 wrapped up most of the threads in the first arc. It also means that viewers will get to experience a wider plot with higher stakes, giving Bojji and Kage more opportunities to show what they’re made of.

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