Restoration Hardware Credit Card Login Details, Payment Methods, and Customer Services

Restoration Hardware Credit Card Login : A credit card is so useful in modern life that having one is nearly a need. Having one might be useful if you’re short on funds but have your heart set on a certain brand of product. Recommendation: Comenity Bank, which issues the Restoration Hardware Credit Card, is a reliable and trustworthy financial organization. Here are seven perks of having a RH credit card that you should consider if you’re thinking about applying for one.

About Restoration Hardware credit card

Restoration Hardware, currently known simply as RH, is a high-end home furnishings firm that was established in 1979 in Eureka, California, in the United States. The company is known for selling magnificent home furnishings.

You may either access their items through their website or by traveling to any Restoration Hardware shop and making purchases with your Restoration Hardware Comenity credit card. The Comenity RH credit card is not valid outside of RH stores and may only be used within those stores.

Visit and navigate to the Restoration hardware bill pay page to learn more about your Restoration credit card or to access your RH credit card login. You may also use this address to access your RH credit card login.

Restoration Hardware Credit Card

Restoration Hardware is a high-end luxury furniture shop that offers a wide variety of items across the homeware industry, with an emphasis on image, quality, and lifestyle. New furniture is seldom inexpensive, and Restoration Hardware is no exception, but with the Restoration Hardware Credit Card, you’ll have access to generous purchasing power and benefits that will make your money go further.

Using this credit card’s built-in points system and flexible financing options, even major expenditures may be spread out over time.

When you shop at RH, whether online or in-store, you’ll earn one point for every dollar spent, up to a maximum of 500 points, at which time you’ll receive a $25 gift voucher. In addition, for your first purchase, you will receive 250 bonus points. The caveat is that you can only get the certificate if you earn that many points in one calendar month.

If you make a purchase over $1,000 and pay for it over 12 months, you may qualify for a no-interest financing option, and there are also promotional programs that require equal monthly payments. For purchases above $2,000 (12 months) or over $3,000 (24 months), we offer an Equal Payment Plan at a low-interest rate of 9.99%. If payments are not made on time, the standard rate for these financing options is 24.99% APR.

Terms and Conditions

The standard annual interest is 24.99%. There is a total ban on both balance transfers and cash advances. There is no yearly fee and up to a $40 charge for late or returned payments, with an interesting minimum of $1. The credit card application and detailed information about the card’s terms and conditions can be found on the issuer’s website.

Restoration Hardware Credit Card Login

You may pay your bill, check your statement, and manage your account online with the Restoration Hardware credit card login. To access your account, make a payment, or change your profile settings, please click the “Login Here” button. Below you’ll discover the credit card company’s billing phone number, postal address for sending payments, and customer care phone number.

Restoration Hardware Credit Card Login
With the information provided here, you’ll be able to make an educated decision on which credit card is best for you. Credit card payment options are detailed, and information on incentives, interest, and fees is provided.

Payment of Restoration Hardware Credit Card?

As stated in the following table, you may pay your Restoration Hardware bill either online, over the phone, or through the mail.

Pay Online: 

The online service is the most practical since it allows you to log in whenever you choose to make a payment, schedule a payment for the future, or establish recurring payments. There is a phone number on the reverse of your credit card and information on your paper bill if you choose to pay by phone or mail. Just click the “Login Here” button down below to sign in or create an account and make a payment on your Restoration Hardware credit card securely and conveniently online. Comenity Bank is the bank that provides RH’s credit card.

Pay by Phone:

The phone number to call in your RH credit card payment is 1-866-522-8014.

Pay by Mail:

Comenity Bank, P.O. Box 659705, San Antonio, TX 78265-9705 is where you may send your RH credit card payment. If you want to avoid late fees, it’s best to have your payment in the mail at least 5 business days before the due date printed on your monthly billing statement.

Customer Service:

The hotline to call customer care regarding payments made using an RH credit card is 1-866-522-8014.


What are the procedures for making a payment on my Restoration Hardware Credit Card bill?

You can make a direct payment to them using this website. You may also pay for your purchases on doxo with a debit or credit card, Apple Pay, or your bank account.

Where can I get answers to my issues regarding the bill for my Restoration Hardware Credit Card?

You may get in touch with them directly by calling the following number: 866-522-8014.

I’m looking for my bill. Where exactly can I locate it?

To see or make payments on your bill, please go to Restoration Hardware Credit Card.

Do you accept payments for other credit cards in addition to the Restoration Hardware Credit Card?

At doxo, you can make payments on your Retail Store Card as well as other expenses.

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