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Ride Along 3: How Will It Be Filmed?

Ride Along 3

Ride Along 3

Ride Along 3: How Will It Be Filmed? There are already two (soon-to-be three) films in the “Ride Along” series, and each takes full advantage of the charisma and screen presence of its two actors.

“Ben Barber,” a high school security guard who falls in love with Angela Payton (Tika Sumpter), the sister of undercover investigator James Payton (Kevin Hart), appears in the first film (Ice Cube). When Ben Barber is accepted into the police academy, he intends to propose to Angela, but in order to show James that he’s worthy of her, he must accompany his future brother-in-law during his workday for a “ride-along.” In order to prevent James from pursuing an investigation into the smuggling of a man named Omar against the wishes of his boss, Ben has little time to relax.

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Despite Ben’s graduation from the police academy and the impending nuptials of his fiancée Angela, his superiors refuse to treat him as a professional and instead put him to work as a detective. James is summoned to Miami after a car meet accident leaves his partner in the ICU. He is tasked with finding the dangerous crime lord responsible for the mishap. Ben, unable to resist the call to arms, defies orders and follows James to Florida, where mayhem erupts.

According to The Wrap, a third film in the franchise is in the works. This raises the question of where the series will go from here. In “Ride Along 3,” we know who will star, what the plot might be, and how it will be filmed.

Ride Along 3 Plot/Story

The plot of the movie hasn’t been revealed because the script hasn’t been finished. It’s possible that Barber would survive to accompany Payton on one of his more important police missions and end up working alongside his brother-in-law in the fight against crime. They may suffer the same marital difficulties as they did in the previous films, and they may have to deal with the issue of growing their families.

In the forthcoming “Ride Along,” Story intends to move James and Ben out of their comfort zone by taking them to a new country, where they’ll face cultural clashes reminiscent of action-comedy like the “Rush Hour” series. Eventually, the films in that series ventured beyond the confines of the first film’s location and placed their protagonists in situations they were unfamiliar with. Think of James and Ben interacting with crumpet-eating Brits or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and you’ll get the picture of what we’re talking about here.

Any “Ride Along” movie that follows this one will undoubtedly be enjoyable.

Ride Along 3 Cast

“Ride Along” sequels will not happen without Ice Cube and Kevin Hart’s participation, according to Story and Packer. Probably, they’d both be on board with a third film, too.

The story told The Wrap in an interview that bringing Kevin Hart and Ice Cube back together because “they are the greatest odd couple in the world” would be one of the film’s main focuses.

During an interview with Metro, Will Packer said, “I’ve got to sew both of those people down in order to produce that movie.”

Angela, played by Tika Sumpter, is also likely to make a comeback. The third film’s antagonists and allies are likely to be entirely new characters. Bringing in new cast members would be a usual approach for a franchise like “Ride Along,” as the other supporting characters from the prior films didn’t carry over.

Ride Along 3 Cast

Ride Along 3 Release Date

“Ride Along 3,” as Tim Story explains in a recent interview with The Wrap, is in the works, but no start date has yet been set. Since at least 2016, the film has been under pre-production. The third film in the series is written by Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi, who wrote two previous films in the series.

According to producer Will Packer, the movie’s status hasn’t been updated since 2018 “The script for that one is currently in progress…

Ice Cube and Kevin Hart are both pretty busy, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens. I’m going to have to find a way to fit it in.” As a result, there’s no way to predict when you’ll be able to see the movie.

Considering production and editing, “Ride Along 3” would not be available to see until at least 2023 if pre-production work was completed today.

Ride Along 3 Trailer

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