Ring Bomb Rings Real Or Fake: What Is The Cost Of Becoming A Member Of The Ring Bomb Party?

Ring Bomb Party is a multi-level marketing organization that specializes in the sale of costume jewelry. Some of the brands that they carry include Trades of Hope and Paparazzi. The jewelry is typically presented in the form of a ring bomb. A ring bomb is essentially the same thing as a bath bomb. Jewelry with a value ranging from $25 to $1,000 is located at the core of the ring bomb.

Lillian and Isabela Coleman are responsible for the establishment of the business. Ring Bomb Party initially specialized in the sale of rings, but they have since expanded their inventory to include various types of jewelry.

Additionally, the corporation has distributed thematic collections of products, such as its Versailles Collection. They promote an affiliate network that allows you to sign up and sell their items in order to earn a commission, much like a regular multi-level marketing company would.

Ring Bomb Rings Real Or Fake?

The Ring Bomb Party is not a fraudulent business, It is real.

However, the firm is almost certainly concealing certain information from you, and as a result, you really have to view this video.

The title of this film gives away some of the shady dealings that have gone on within the organization. Your own independent investigation is required because, via it, you will be able to learn a great deal of information. You have the ability to unearth a significant amount of information that the Ring Bomb Party is keeping hidden from the general public.

I recommend that you check out the r/antiMLM subreddit, as this is the most in-depth community that is dedicated to critiquing multi-level marketing companies (MLMs). Keep in mind that the most reliable information regarding multi-level marketing companies can be found in reviews written by unbiased third parties like this one on Ring Bomb Party.

This is due to the fact that these sources conduct exhaustive research and are independent of the corporation; as a result, it is reasonable to assume that these sources would only report the truth. In addition, given that the corporation does not have any influence in these evaluations, there is no possibility that the data will be slanted in its favor.

Testimonials from former members are another valuable piece of information because they can reveal whether or not the organization genuinely cares about its customers and wishes for them to be successful. what’s the cost of becoming a member of the Ring Bomb Party, let’s see in the next paragraph.

What Is The Cost Of Becoming A Member Of The Ring Bomb Party?

What Is The Cost Of Becoming A Member Of The Ring Bomb Party

To become a Ring Bomb Party consultant and pay the required fee, it will cost you $399. This includes a one-time $350 initial product inventory requirement in addition to a one-time startup cost of $49. If you think that’s a lot of money, just know that it doesn’t end there.

In addition to the one-time payment of $399, there is a monthly requirement of “350 PQV” that must be met in order to maintain one’s status as a consultant.

If you are not familiar with the confusing terminology that is used by almost all MLM companies, “350 PQV” means that in order to continue selling Ring Bomb Party products, you must make a monthly purchase of at least $350 worth of products. If you are not familiar with the confusing terminology that is used by almost all MLM companies, “PQV” stands for “personal qualification volume

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It goes without saying that the objective is to sell these products and generate a modest profit; but, if you are unsuccessful in doing so, you will be required to pay back $350 and you will no longer be considered an active consultant. Ouch. Scheme to join the Ring Bomb Party, take a look below.

Is It A Pyramid Scheme To Join The Ring Bomb Party?

The Ring Bomb Party is a corporation that engages in a multi-level marketing (MLM.) Although multi-level marketing (MLM) organizations share many similarities with pyramid schemes, MLMs are not the same thing.

Since multi-level marketing, which is the general category that Ring Bomb Party falls under, is a business operation that involves the sale of tangible items, Investopedia deems it to be a lawful kind of commercial activity.

On the other hand, “not a pyramid scam” and “profitable business opportunity” are not the same thing at all.

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