Rocket League Season 8: How Many Seasons Does Rocket League Have?

Rocket League Season 8: How Many Seasons Does Rocket League Have? In Rocket League, a brand-new season brimming with content will soon become available for gamers to acquire. Here is the schedule for the release of Rocket League Season 8, as well as the stuff that players may anticipate receiving.

Rocket League is experiencing continued success thanks to the seasonal upgrades that it receives. These updates provide players on all platforms with fresh material, including new cars, challenges, and awards.

As the seventh season of Rocket League is about to close, the developer team has announced that the free-to-play game featuring super acrobatic rocket-powered war cars will soon receive a brand-new seasonal upgrade as the game enters its eighth season.

Find out everything you need to know about this season: Hit the Streets, including the release date, new map, new vehicle, Rocket Pass, and more, by reading the information provided here.

Rocket League Season 8 Release Date

The eighth season of Rocket League will begin on September 7, 2022, at about 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET / 12 AM BST (September 8), and it will continue until December 7, 2022, offering players a total of three months to accomplish the requirements for the new Rocket Pass.

Players have until September 7 to complete all of the challenges included in the Season 7 Rocket Pass before the start of Season 8 on the same day that Season 7 will close. This is because Season 8 will begin immediately after the conclusion of Season 7.

Rocket League Season 8 will be called “Hit the Streets,” and its Rocket Pass will be stocked with “Streetwear” related cosmetics. This name was inspired by the new terrain that will be used.


Rocket League Season 8: Honda Civic & Edgelight

In addition to free goods like the Windowed Paint Finish, Chocolate Chip Antenna, and Krush Decal, the season will also include the “first-ever IRL car to be included in Rocket Pass Premium.” This will be available to players that purchase the premium pass.

The Honda Civic Type R will be accessible as a quick unlock in the Season 8 Premium Rocket Pass because of the Octane’s hitbox, while an enhanced version of the Honda Civic Type R-LE may be unlocked at Tier 35 of the past.

A glowing visual effect that “wraps the bottom of the car’s body kit and will be applied automatically while using a Painted version of either the Honda Civic Type R or the Honda Civic Type R-LE is available to players as part of the Edgelight package, which also includes the Honda Civic. Players can get the Edgelight package in addition to the Honda Civic. These Painted variations can be obtained in the Rocket Pass Pro Tiers above Tier 70.”

In addition to all of them, there is also a diverse selection of street-inspired cosmetics that will be up for grabs at various tiers. As soon as a player reaches Tier 70, they are eligible to begin obtaining “Pro Rewards,” which include painted versions of the Rocket Pass cosmetics.

Rocket League Season 8 Map: Sovereign Heights

In addition to the brand-new Rocket Pass, which will provide players with various cosmetics and incentives as they progress through it, players will also be given a brand-new arena known as Sovereign Heights.

This subterranean soccer arena is scheduled to play intense Rocket League matches beneath the lights, and it is located in the streets of the “dynamic area of Sovereign Heights.”

Later on, in the season, players will also receive a brand new Hoops Arena in their possession.

Rocket League Season 8 Trailer

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