Sasha Obama Boyfriend 2023: Who Is She D@ting Currently?

People are curious to know about love life of Sasha Obama, the daughter of former US President Barack Obama. We have multiple sources of her current relationship status, which we will tell in the next paragraph.

Sasha Obama Boyfriend 2023

Clifton Powell Jr., who is the son of actor Clifton Powell Sr. and is currently d@ting Sasha Obama, was a college basketball player in his younger years.

After transferring from the University of Michigan to the University of Southern California, Sasha, then 20 years old, reportedly began d@ting Clifton Powell Jr., then 24 years old. This was reported by the Daily Mail.

Sasha Obama Boyfriend 2023

The former basketball superstar was awarded a full scholarship to play basketball at the University of California, Santa Barbara for four years. He currently works in advertising for major corporations such as Peloton and Nike.

It would have been beneficial for Clifton Jr. to see and absorb his father’s playing abilities. The actor Clifton Sr. has been in films such as “Ray” and “Next Friday,” and he has a long list of upcoming projects on his schedule.

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Malia, Sasha’s older sister and the recent recipient of a degree from Harvard, just relocated to the west coast after landing a job as a screenwriter for the most recent Amazon project helmed by Donald Glover. As we previously mentioned, Sasha recently graduated from Harvard.

The below tweet from Page Six confirms the relationship of Sasha and Clifton Powell Jr.

Since 2017, Malia has been in a relationship with her boyfriend from the United Kingdom, Rory Farquharson. They were acquainted at Harvard.

Their mother, First Lady Michelle Obama, may have given away the fact that Sasha is d@ting when she discussed her daughters on the “Ellen Show” and remarked that they both used to love the Jonas Brothers, but now they’re bringing guys home. In other words, she may have accidentally revealed that Sasha is d@ting.

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