Scott Hall Death: What Was The Reason Behind The Death Of WWE Wrestler?

Scott Oliver Hall was an American professional wrestler. The World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE), where he competed as Razor Ramon, and World Championship Wrestling (WCW), where he competed under his true name, was where he gained the most of his notoriety.

Who Was Scott Hall?

On October 20, 1958, Scott Oliver Hall was born in St. Mary’s County, Maryland. Before he turned 15, he moved once a year while attending high school in Munich. He grew up as a military brat.
Hall started his professional wrestling career in 1984 with the National Wrestling Alliance’s (NWA) Championship Wrestling from Florida (CWF), where he quickly got into a rivalry with Dusty Rhodes.
In Florida, he and Dan Spivey underwent training (mainly under Rhodes, but also under Mike Rotunda and Barry Windham). Rhodes sent the two to work in Jim Crockett’s Charlotte, North Carolina-based region before the two made their tag team debut. Hall went by the ring name Starship Coyote while Spivey went by Starship Eagle for their American Starship debut.

At first, American Starship’s bookings for matches were so few that the two were granted positions as ground workers for the Charlotte Orioles (which Jim Crockett owned at the time). When they did enter the ring, they didn’t have much luck. A lost challenge to Arn and Ole Anderson for the NWA National Tag Team Championship served as the pinnacle of their time in Crockett’s Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling. The two joined Bob Geigel’s NWA Central States territory (located in Kansas City) in 1985 after leaving Crockett. Also, read about Dusty Hill Death

They had a shot at Marty Jannetty and “Bulldog” Bob Brown, the NWA Central States Tag Team Champions, but they fell short in the contest. Dan Spivey only spent a short time in the Central States region. He went back to the Carolinas with Crockett, working for the recently renamed “American Starship” Eagle Jim Crockett Promotions. Hall, though, remained in the Central States.

Scott Hall

In 1990, Hall wed Dana Lee Burgio. In 1998, they got divorced because of Hall‘s drug addiction. They divorced again in 2001 after getting wedded in 1999. They had a daughter named Cassidy (born 1991), who also pursued a career in wrestling, and a son named Cody (born 1995). In 2006, Hall wed Jessica Hart as his second wife. In 2007, they got divorced.

Scott Hall Death

Hall was hospitalized in March 2022 after injuring his hip during a fall. His friend Diamond Dallas Page found him during a wellness check when he was immobilized on the floor and transported him to the hospital. Also, read about Bill Russell Death

After having a blood clot removed during hip replacement surgery, Hall suffered three heart attacks on March 12 and was put on life support at Marietta, Georgia’s WellStar Kennestone Hospital. On March 14, his family traveled to visit him in the hospital to be by his bedside. After being taken off life support, he passed away at the age of 63 about 4 or 6 hours later. Later on that day’s episode of Raw, WWE revealed his passing through a memorial video.

Waltman disclosed to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter four days after Hall’s passing that Hall had relapsed into alcohol abuse when the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdowns made it difficult for him to interact with people, and at one point he had lost weight down to 210 pounds (95 kg) from his usual 287 pounds (130 kg).

The night before the 2021 Hall of Fame induction ceremony, Hall was particularly unwell, according to Waltman, and even passed out in a bar. Waltman added that Hall’s health had gotten worse in the two years leading up to his passing and that he had volunteered to move in with Hall in February 2022 to help with his medical problems. Page made a comeback to assist Hall with his drinking.

The funeral for Hall was held on April 8 at Trinity Church Cemetery in St. Mary’s, Maryland, and was attended by Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Page, in addition to other wrestlers.

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